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Info about how sellers on E-Commerce stores cheat buyers and How to avoid being cheated.

Info about how sellers on E-commerce stores cheat buyers and how to avoid being cheated. E-Commerce Platforms Aligxpress ebay EL." Some sellers are spoiling reputation of most popular and trusted platforms by cheating their buyers. They somehow manage to find security gaps in these platforms and cheat buyers. This is how they do it A buyer finds a product which looks attractive with best specification. ! Currently giving an example of a seller selling LED monitor THEY ATTRACT THE BUYER BY $ Cheap Price Seller Rating Free Shipping Then a buyer will buy it because he is impressed too much. Buy Now Seller will ship the product right away once you have purchased it. You will use it and find a defect or different than original product Now buyer is contacting seller and thinking that he is safe and then seller tells him to send the product back Exceeding Product Price Now buyer finds the shipping price higher than product price which is total loss Now you have seen ho they find security gaps in these e-Commerce sites and cheat buyers where buyers can't do anything. Lets go a little deeper to know how they actually do this Cheap Part(s) Expensive Looking Case Result They use cheap parts "Chip etc..." and expensive looking case where it looks new, original and modern piece. How to know who is cheating Fortunately you can know about a seller if he's cheating or not. Fake Product name and Specifications They often use fake product name and specifications in the smart way where they can fool any buyer. Cheap Price This is the main factor where most buyers get fooled by these sellers. They price the product very cheap but still in smart way. $ $ Free Shipping Free shipping also attracts most of the buyers. Tips I would like to share few tips which can help you avoid being cheated Always do a little research on product If you have doubts on product then you should do a little research using title of product which can help you a lot. Joojle Ask on popular forums Popular forums are also helpful because there are number of users specialise in different stuff and you can get answer from them. Don't believe their ratings These cheaters are very smart and can fool any buyer where buyers doesn't even know where is the problem and at last he ends up leaving good feedback so that there can large number of feedback from innocent buyers. Note I am not against any of these platforms but yes I am against these sellers. Letting users know about these sellers will help them as well as admins og these platforms to do something about it. Designed By This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Copyrights © GMA Designer Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit %24 %24 %24 %24 %24

Info about how sellers on E-Commerce stores cheat buyers and How to avoid being cheated.

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There are many sellers on E-Commerce stores who are way smarter to find security gaps in these E-Commerce platforms and cheat buyers. They use attractive specifications of product, cheap price and f...



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