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The Impact of CUI in Different Industries

POWERTHERM CS CONTRACT SERVICES LTD The Impact of CUI in Different Industries Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a very acute form of localised corrosion, caused by the presence of moisture on the external surface of insulated equipment. CUI can occur on insulated assets in any facility and in any environment. It is also one of the largest maintenance costs and safety hazards facing industries around the world. CUI is particularly difficult to prevent, track and mitigate. CUI is commonly attributed to a moisture build-up and the presence of oxygen inside insulation systems. Moisture build-up occurs from water ingress into the insulation system, due to damaged or poor-quality fabrications. It also occurs from condensation, due to operating conditions. INDUSTRIES IMPACTED BY CUI CUI frequently impacts the following industries: OIL & GAS PETROCHEMICAL + CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL NUCLEAR MARINE & OFFSHORE WATER TANKS & TREATMENT VESSELS CONSTRUCTION RAIL & & AGGREGATES INFRASTRUCTURE If left undetected, CUI can result in: catastrophic leaks, explosions, equipment failure, prolonged downtime and environmental concerns. THE SPACE-RING SYSTEM (SRS) SRS reduces damage to the cladding surface, whilst providing airflow and drainage from within, keeping pipes dry and safe from the threat of CUI. SRS uses support rings to transfer the weight load onto the pipe itself, which is considerably stronger than cladding. Strengthening the insulation system preventS seams from buckling and moisture entering the ES POWERTHERM I0ES CONTRACT SERVICES LTD SPACE-RING SYSTEM system. In addition, the air space introduced acts as a gutter, helping to keep the pipe and surrounding insulation dry. EXTERNAL CLADDING SPACE-RING PIPE INSULATION AIR SPACE DRAINAGE HOLES For more details on how the SRS helps to prevent CUI please visit: RES POWERTHERM nqa. nga. nga. CONTRACT SERVICES LTD ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 HEALTH QUALITY ENVIRONMENTAL. & SAFETY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT +44 (0) 114 288 9119 [email protected] Francis House, Orgreave Drive, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13 9NR

The Impact of CUI in Different Industries

shared by ObjectiveCreative on Mar 03
In our latest infographic we take a look at the different industries which are frequently impacted by CUI.


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