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Identified Flying Objects

I.F.O. IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS In the early 1940s, during the second world-War, claims of UFO sightings became a mainstream sensation. At first the sightings were claimed from various parts of USA alone but soon it became a global obsession and claims of various UFO sightings were made all over the world. Thousands of people have made claims of alleged UFO sightings and hundreds of them have even claimed actual alien abduction. The visits and existence of an extra-terrestrial life among us has been a popular topic for debate for decades, but till today we have no valid proofs to support such claims. Here we have curated the ten most popular cities to spot a UFO, due to their amount of extra-terrestrial activity. CELEBRITY UFO FOLLOWERS LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA •1,346 UFO sightings between 1947 and 2005 alone. TOM CRUISE Tom Cruise is involved in the Church of • More UFO sightings than any state in the US. Scientology, which contains beliefs about aliens. Cruise even went as far as building PHOENIX, ARIZONA a bunker around his home in 2007 to protect his family from an alien invasion. • Most UFO sightings of any town in the US. - When asked if he believed in Aliens, "Yes, of course. • The Phoenix Lights, a well-documented mass sighting that occurred in 1997 Are you really so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe?" BONNYBRIDGE, SCOTLAND KEANU REEVES • World's best UFO hotspot. Keanu Reeves, star of numerous sci-fi thrillers, has reportedly said: • 300 reported sightings a year. • Most UFO sightings of any town in - "How can it be possible that we are the only beings the world. in the universe?" SEDONA, ARIZONA • "Hippies" believe this is an alien hotspot due to the energy emitted by natural earth vortexes. DAN AYKROYD Dan Aykroyd is a member of the UFO • American logger, Travis Walton, research group MUFON. In 2010 he claimed to be abducted in 1975 in appeared on Larry King Live and discussed Apache Nat'l. Forest. his avid belief in Extra Terrestrials. SAGUACHE COUNTY, COLORADO - "I not only believe, I believe that there are many • Highest percentage of UFO sightings per \ person in the US. different species of ships, there are many different species of extraterrestrials, and not all of them are up • Has a UFO watch tower in the city of to good. Center. • 131 reports out of 4,619 residents in the year 2000 alone. STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS • Gained national attention in 2008 when hundreds of residents made UFO reports. WILL SMITH Starred in multiple alien movies, including the wildly popular "Independence Day", • Residents all claimed to see different shaped UFO's, no two stories were alike. told the BBC: - "What I know for sure is I don't know. Any assertion • Texas has 5 of the top 20 cities reporting UFO sightings in the world: Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Stephenville and San Antonio. is just as absurd as the other. It'd be just as ridiculous ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO to say that there aren't [aliens] as it would to say that there are. I have a very open mind." Famous flying saucer/weather balloon crash in 1947. • Sighting triggered UFO reports all over RUSSEL CROW New Mexico. After setting up a camera with the intent of filming fruit bats, Russell Crowe believed •Arizona reports the 2nd most UFO sightings on any stretch of highway in the US. he captured footage of a UFO. He was so LAS VEGAS, NEVADA convinced of the sighting that he uploaded the video to YouTube and tweeted about it. Fabulous LAS VEGAS • Has the #1 amount of UFO reports along a single stretch of highway in the US. • Second highest percentage of UFO sightings per captia. -"A friend and I set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens. This was a big surprise." WARMINSTER, WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND DAVID BOWIE • Crop circle capital of the world for over 40 years. Having written many songs about alternate life forms, it is seems clearly evident that • Maintained a prolific record of UFO sightings – the highest in the UK. David Bowie is an avid believer of aliens. He has claimed that he's seen many UFO's and has even gone to a UFO repair shop. • Located near Stonehenge, which some believe was created by aliens WYCLIFFE WELL, AUSTRALIA • UFO and Alien abduction capital of -"They came over so regularly we could time them. Sometimes they stood still, other times they moved so fast it was hard to keep a steady eye on them." Australia. • Hotspot for UFO's due to its' location on one of the earth's energy lines. Skeptics might explain the ambiguous images and obscure sightings as lens distortion, vapor trails from an aircraft, or perhaps just wishful thinking. But to believers in UFOS, the sightings provide yet another chapter in the vast annals of possible sightings of alien visitors. Some say that reported sightings go back as far as ancient times, when the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel described seeing fiery wheels touch down on land, apparently piloted by strange creatures with animal faces. TY PES OF UFOʻS COMMONLY. RE-PORTED GOVERNMENT CONFIRMATION OF UFO ACTIVITY FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT THE "BLINDING LIGHT" EGG-SHAPED JIMMY CARTER •Typically thought to be a "mother ship" has been reported to be up to 200 feet in length •Typically spotted at night • Doesn't have a definite shape; it's simply a dazzling orange light - "I am convinced that UFOS exist because I have • Bears an oval shape like an egg • No visible portholes or windows • Glows slightly in the dark. seen one." DIAMOND-SHAPED ALBERT M. CHOP, DEPUTY PUBLIC NASA • Resembles the top half of a RELATIONS DIRECTOR AT NASA diamond • Exterior is polished and as striking as a mirror in sunlight - "I've been convinced for a long time that the flying saucers are real and interplanetary. In other words • Usually about 18 feet across and 8 to 10 feet high we are being watched by beings from outer space." • It has no portholes or windows COIN-LIKE DISK U.S. SENATOR BARRY • Shaped like a giant 50-cent piece • Most often reported by military and airline pilots flying at 20,000 to 40,000 feet • Often is ringed with red or green lights • The spaceship is incredibly fast, zipping along at speeds of more than 2,500 MPH GOLDWATER TOP-SHAPED • Bears resemblance of a child's toy - "I think some highly secret government UFO top investigations are going on that we don't know • Fat in the middle and tapered above and below about--and probably never will unless the airforce • Estimated at 15 to 20 feet in diameter and 2 to 3 feet high • Covered in multicolored lights • Powerful jets around its midsection move the UFO in any direction discloses them." FORMER RUSSIAN PRESIDENT MIKHAIL GORBACHEV FOOTBALL-SHAPED •Thick black body that tapers off at either end - "The phenomenon of UFOS does exist, and it must be treated seriously." • Smaller UFOS have reportedly been seen entering and leaving a bay on its lower surface - so it's also often referred to as a "mother ship." JOHN W. MCCORMACK, • Reports have placed the craft's size at up to 80 feet long and 20 feet high FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE CONICAL DISK THE CLASSIC FLYING SAUCER - "I feel that the Air Force has not been giving out all • Resembles a Chinese peasant's large • Most common UFO of all – has been reported straw hat. It has a flat bottom around the world for more than four decades the available information on the Unidentified Flying • Generally reported as being about 20 feet in diameter and 10 to 12 feet high at the peak, with no exterior lights • The craft has a metallic saucer-like body ranging in diameter from 10 to 15 feet. An exhaust port on the bottom emits a yellow light that dances like a flame upon takeoff. Bright lights rim the saucer and a clear circular dome is often seen on the saucer portion Objects. You cannot disregard so many unimpeachable sources." About Project Capture: The Truth Is In Here PROJECT Finally, the tool that al Ufologists have been clamoring for has arrived. Project Capture for the Apple iPhone gives you the tools you need to document, photograph, video, and track UFOS around the world. Download Project Capture in the iTunes Appstore today, or visit for more info. CAPTURE

Identified Flying Objects

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In the early 1940s, during the second World-War, claims of UFO sightings became a mainstream sensation. At first, the sightings were claimed from various parts of U.S.A. alone, but soon it became a g...


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