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Hydraulics and Accumulators in Theme Park Rides

Rexroth Bosch Group VHS Hydraulic Components Complete Hydraalie Campanent Supply Hydraulics & Асситulators in Theme Park Rides Many of us come across machinery and technology that uses the power of hydraulic systems on a daily basis. Here we takea look at how accumulators play a critical role in the complex engineering of theme park rides. How Does an Accumulator Work? You could be soaring through the galaxy at full speed or enjoying an immersive experience on a simulated pirate ship. Either way, these rides rely on high energy to provide the boost of power needed to propel them up in to ..... the air. However, delivering such powerful forces can cause a ride to deliver uncomfortable jolts. Accumulators in hydraulic systems not only store the energy to deliver force but they can also consume the extreme pressures and movements of a ride to maintain a consistent and smooth experience. Bladder Accumulator Charging Valve Shell Bladder Poppet Spring GAS Hydraulic Port These types of accumulators are cylinders that use a rubber band, acting as a bladder, which is inflated by an inert gas. When a strong force is required, a valve will release hydraulic fluid in to the accumulator, increasing the gas pressure into the ride's power unit. Piston Accumulator Charging Valve Gas Cap Shell Piston Hydraulic Сар GAS These types of accumulators include a piston enclosed in metal tubes. One side of the piston includes a pressurised gas and on the other side hydraulic fluid. When a strong force is required, the pressurised gas will push against the piston, forcing the hydraulic fluid into the ride's power unit. Bosch Rexroth are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of drive and control technologies, including accumulators. Please contact VHS Hydraulic Components for more information on their full range of products and to discuss your requirements. Unit 2 Carley Drive Sheffield S20 8NQ United Kingdom VHS Hydraulic Components Complete Hydraulic Compon ent Supply Tel: 01142 764430 Fax: 01142 472526 email: [email protected]

Hydraulics and Accumulators in Theme Park Rides

shared by ObjectiveCreative on Feb 05
In this infographic we take a look at how accumulators play a critical role in theme park rides.


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