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How Your Name Can Affect Your Success

How Your Name Can Affect Your Success A lifetime decision that you will take for your baby If your name is easy to pronounce, people will favor you more.. If your name is common, you are more likely to be hired. Uncommon names are associated with juvenile delinquency. If you have a white- sounding name, you're more likely to get hired. If your last name is closer to the beginning of the alphabet, you could get into a better school If your last name is closer to the end of the alphabet, you're more likely to be an impulse spender and more susceptible to promotional strategies Using your middle initial makes people think you're You are more likely to work in a company that matches your initials. smarter and more competent. If your name sounds noble, you are more likely to work in a high-ranking position. . If you are a boy with a girl's name, you could be more likely to be suspended from school. Women at the top are more likely to use their full names. Men with shorter first names are over- represented in the c- suite. Successful CEOS with Shorter First Name Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Larry Page 79.5 billion USD 46 billion USD 38.3 billion USD Co-Founder of Microsoft Co-Founder of Facebook Co-Founder of Google Inc. First Name Length versus Average Annual Salary 3 # of Letters in First Name Average Salary by First Letter of First Name A B C DE F G H JK L M N PR S T V W Source: JOHN DAVID STEVE PAUL ALAN RICHARD PETER ANDREW MARK JAMES TONY MATTHEW JIMMY FRED BRIAN BEN AD ALEX KEVIN MARTIN Top 10 Top 10 MOST Successful Businessmen Names LEAST Successful Businessmen Names Other Related Facts The Name-letter effect It refers to a person's tendency to favor the letters in their name over the other letters of the alphabet and it is one of the widest used measures of implicit self-esteem. HEN It is a gender-neutral pronoun that can be applied to objects and people who don't wish to specifically identify as male or female, and it is now an official third pronoun in Swedish. What Experts Have to Say Names are the proof of our existence. That's why they are so important. And that's the reason why we are not simply looking for children's names, we create them. -Marc Hauser. CEO and owner of Erfolgswelle® Ltd A name for a child should not be something that the child will resent, or regret, or have challenges with, later in life or they will soon drop it and create another name for themselves. One simple measure of that element is what we in the product-naming business call The Telephone Test. Imagine you are the person with the new name, and you answer the phone by saying your name. Does the person on the other end of the line understand exactly what you just said? If so, then you are doing your child a favor with that name. In short, name your child for his or her benefit and ease of use - not for your own. -Mark Gunnion. The uniqueness of one's name is not an absolute determinant of success or failure-people with ordinary names can do extraordinary things, while people with exceptional names can live mundane lives. More important is to avoid names that may hinder the flow of opportunities: Don't give teachers reason not to call on your child in class or employer's reason to pass over your son's or daughter's resume. Select a "welcoming" name that uses pleasant sounds that can be pronounced and spelled logically whether it's a traditional name or one-of-a-kind. - Sherri Suzanne, Founder of My Name for Life While there has been some evidence that suggests there's a relationship between one's name and one's hirability, academic success, perception by others, and good or bad behavior (among other things), it's important to remember that many factors are at play in a successful life. A name carefully chosen by loving parents with the best of intentions is a wonderful gift to give a child, no matter what the research shows. - Kate, Founder of Sancta Nomina REFERENCES names-are-associated-with-juvenile-delinquency-/slideshow/48367016.cms encyclopedia n 3063293.html?ir=India&adsSiteOverride=in Matthew-Jimmy.html Mom Junction

How Your Name Can Affect Your Success

shared by momjunction on Dec 23
Content team at Momjunction has put together this infographic to highlight the importance of choosing a right name for a newborn. Several studies have confirmed the correlation between first name and ...


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