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How World War 3 Could Destroy The Planet

How a crisis in Estonia could lead to World War III Estonia, a former Soviet republic that borders Russia, is today part of NATO, meaning the US and most of Europe are treaty-bound to defend it. Unrest among Estonia's ethnic Russian minority, perhaps stirred up by Russian state media, could spiral out of control. Here, follow the possible US and Russian decisions to see why analysts worry this scenario could fracture NATO – or even lead to a major war. EthnicRussian protest in Narva (Estonia) NATO urges calm NATO deploys troops to deter a Russian invasion Moscow warns of impending genocide. Protestor clashes lead to some violence. Protests Protests dissipate dissipate NATO urges PEACE calm PEACE Far-right volunteers or "little green men" appear US urges Estonia to impose order NATO reaction force is sent to Germany, bowing to popular will and fear of war, vetoes any NATO retake Narva actions Vlolence escalates Narva becomes a frozen Germany vetoes a larger confilct and a breakaway state with close tles to Russla Into open confilct NATO force to retake Narva NATO masses In Baltics to deter a Russlan Invaslon. Russla, In turm, masses troops fearing a NATO Invaslon. NATO, proven unwilling to uphold mutual defense, dissolves. Russla comes to dominate Eastern Europe Peace once more. talks NATO invades Narva PEACE Russla overtly Invades, quickly selzing Estonla before US troops can arrive. Putin hopes to force a split in NATO. Accidental collision during NATO and Russian military NATO fights separatists in Narva maneuvers NATO invades to retake Estonia NATO victory Russia fears it may be cut off from Kaliningrad. Invades Baltica to re-open supply lines. Incident is misconstructed as an attack War between Russia and NATO in Estonia NATO conventional superlority polnts to eventual victory Uncder German pressure and European fears of nuclear war, NATO breaks Russla withdraws down Russla attacks NATO from within Russla PEACE US and NATO refraln from NATO invades Russia Invading Russla Confilict is NATO advances Inside unwinnable Russla NATO Russla withdraws withdraws Russla surrenders Russla deploys a tactical nuclear NATO, proven unwlling to uphold mutual defense, weapon on the battlefleld PEACE dissolves. Russla comes to domlnate Eastern Europe once more. NATO backs down under German pressure and European fears of NATO fires back nuclear war. with tactical Estonla becomes a frozen confilct. nuclear weapon NATO, proven unwlling to uphold mutual defense, dissolves. Russla comes to domlnate Eastern Europe once more Russlan nuclear doctrine allows for strateglc nuclear use In case of an existentlal conventional threat Moscow occupled Limited nuclear war NATO Fearing Russia will launch its full Russia surrenders surrenders nuclear arsenal, the US strikes first in massive preemptive attack NATO dissolves. Russla comes to dominate Eastern Europe once more. NORAD detects Incoming ICBMS Environmental and atmospheric damage from the explosions has global consequences lasting years US launches full counterattack US calls Putin to ask If NORAD Is right Russian leaders have several minutes to NORAD NORAD +---- alert was a false alert was decide response correct alarm Putin says It's a false reading World leaders World leaders convince Putln to stand down fall to convince Putin to stand down Putin is telling Putin Is lylng the truth Putin calls off Putin launches a counterattack and surrenders with remaining nuclear weapons PEACE Russla's Perimeter/ "Dead Hand" system Is triggered Global destruction averted. Many ICBMS get through Few ICBMS Both sldes withdraw, shaken. get through Russia loses control over nuclear arsenal Russia launches ICBM against Europe MILLIONS OF RUSSIANS DIE NEEDLESLY WAR ENDS US and NATO US and NATO fire back surrender Russian first strike destroys much of the US HUNDRED OF MILLIONS DIE US fires US back surrenders NEEDLESSLY IN RUSSIA, EUROPE, AND US WAR ENDS MILLIONS MILLIONS DEAD DEAD RUSSIAN RUSSIAN DOMINATION DOMINATION WORLD IS DESTROYED GAME OVER Vox ....

How World War 3 Could Destroy The Planet

shared by arpingajjar on Jul 24
Today’s flowchart follows the possible outcomes if NATO and Russia were to engage following disputes in Estonia. Although this chart does specify Estonia, this type of situation could arise from num...


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