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How Solar Panels Work

HOW Solar Panels WORK Solar Panels capture sunlight and convert it to electricity using Photovoltaic(PV) cells. 5- Solar Panel Photovoltaic(PV) Cell Metal Conductor Silicon Strips These help conduct the flow of electrons through the panel into wires and vice versa to create a closed loop. Layers Anti-reflective The silicon layers make up the bulk of the cell. The two layers are beefed up with phosphorous and boron to improve conductivity. Coating This ensures that photons (particles of sunlight that generate electricity) are absorbed by the silicon layers and are not reflected away. There is a positive and a negative silicon layer in the cell. When the two are brought together they generate an electric field. When the sun hits the PV cell electrons are knocked loose in both silicon layers. These electrons dart around the cell until reaching the electric field where they generate a current. Electrons Electric Field The flow of electricity through a Solar Panel PV modules Inverter AC Switch (I Voltage Utility meter Grid Main House Fusebox Sources: skytech solar all the energy you need INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing

How Solar Panels Work

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Solar power is taking the world by storm, but not many people even know how solar power, let alone solar panels work. Did you know that solar panels capture sunlight and convert it to energy using Ph...


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