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How To Select A Tactical Knife

TIOW TO SELECT A TACTICAL KNIFE If your life is on the line, you're going to want to have the right knife on you. But with so many tactical knives on the market, making a purchase can be a daunting task. That's why we here at Knifehog put together this handy research tool to help you find the perfect tactical knife USES FORA TACTICAL KNIFE Tactical knives have many practical uses and applications for hikers, hunters, and other individuals that Tactical knives are mainly designed to be a utility tool that can be effectively applied to a wide range of demands. Tactical knives are also very popular amongst police officers, emergency rescue personnel, and military units as a prominent tool for their many needs. commonly find themselves outdoors. TACTICAL KNIVES FOR SPECIFICPURPOSES SURVIVAL RESCUE PROTECTION A strong knife can help build shelter from branches and other resources. Tactical knives can be used to enhance the ability to cut seat belts and break glass in an emergency. A tactical knife can help you effectively defend yourself from dangerous predators. SELECTION CRITERIA NON-SLIP HANDLE - The knife's handle should be made of a sturdy non-slip material ASSISTED ONE HANDED OPENING Fast, one-handed deployment of your blade is critical in a tactical knife. An assisted opening mechanism teamed with a flipper, thumb stud, or button release will ensure the knife is LOCKING MECIIANISM Any tactical folder should come with a locking mechanism. Whether it's a frame lock, liner lock, or lock back make sure the lock secures your blade when deployed. ready for action when you are. FINGER GUARD Finger or hand guard should be included to prevent your hand from running onto the blade [STRONG TIP - PAKTIALLY SERRATED EDGE Partial serrations on your blade will ensure you always have a sharp cutting edge to work with, even if the non-serrated part of the blade is dull. (.125-187) The tip of your blade needs to be strong enough for stabbing and piercing. We recommend a tanto or spear point. BLADE LENGTH 3-4.5IN (Total length 6.5-8in) The length should be between 3-4.5" in length. This will allow the knife a deep enough reach, but not make it too bulky to fit into a pocket or bag REVERSIBLE POCKET CLIP The best pocket clips are strong and sturdy and are 4-position adjustable. A 4-position clip allows you to configure the knife to your favorite carry position. TYPES OF TACTICAL BLADES KARAMBIT TANTO Originally designed to pierce armor, the tanto has an angled tip and usually a straight edge. The angle of the tip is less acute, A sickle shaped blade meant to function like a claw. The curvature of the blade makes for powerful cutting and gashing strokes. and so has more cross-sectional area and more metal to support the point. CLIPPED POINT Clipped Points have the back concavely formed (the point is below the spine) giving them the SLIGHT TRAILING POINT appearance that the forward third of the blade has been “clipped" off. A blade where the point trails slightly higher than the spine. These blades can deliver powerfully Being thinner at the spine allows for quicker and deeper punctures, though at the cost of a weaker tip. effective stabs and retain excellent slashing capability. SPEAR POINT A symmetrically-shaped blade with a point aligned with the centerline of the blade's long axis. Spear points are typically double-edged and have a central spine. Spear Points are designed for thrusting and penetration. ADDITIONAL SELECTION CRITERIA FOR TACTICAL KNIVES CAPABILITY WEIGIFT SIZE If a knife is too big it can be Being aware of your needs when purchasing a knife is crucial. If you know what you intend to use the knife for then you can Typically, the heavier the blade on the knife, the more stress it awkward to carry, but if it's to0 small it may be of limited use. can handle. So, if you will be efficiently select a knife with the most appropriate capabilities. using the knife for everyday tasks then a smaller, lighter blade may be the best option for you. Folding knives are compact when folded for easy carry, while offering plenty of cutting surface when deployed. KNIFE_ STORIES DECEMBER 2013 SEPTEMBER 2013 JUNE 2013 A woman who started choking at a restaurant received an emergency A sheriff's deputy was hit in the leg by a stray bullet but the knife he carried every day in his pocket saved him by deflecting A woman rappelling down a waterfall at night found her hair tracheotomy from a doctor with an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife, which saved her from suffocating caught in the equipment and used her knife to cut herself the round elsewhere. free and make it to the bottom before paramedics arrived. completely safe. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: KNIFE HOG SOURCES

How To Select A Tactical Knife

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How To Select A Tactical Knife displays all of the components of tactical knives, different types of blades, and some of the best uses. Self Defense and safety awareness is a growing popular topic. ...


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