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How a Payday Loan Could Save You Money

A SHORT TERM PAYDAY LOAN GO DAY" A COULD SAVE YOU MONEY SS Brought to you by the financial guru's at FAST CASH. CLICK AND GO! It truly depends on the situation, but there are unique circumstances where a payday loan can help keep more money in your pocket. Like all types of short term loans (lines of credit, credit cards, etc), if used responsibly, you could find yourself ahead. 3. Medical Needs/Emergencies 1. Vacation - Ticket Costs You want to take a trip & your airline of choice has a seat sale for $400. Problem is you've only managed to save $200 and your credit card is maxed out for the month. Where can you get the extra $200? A cash advance! If you need to borrow the remaining $200 to buy the ticket, that's a total of $42 in fees (in Ontario) for a total ticket cost of $442. Depending on how much you were originally prepared to spend, getting a cash advance to get the deal could be the best way to go. 2. Sales How many times have you seen an amazing Groupon offer and thought, "next week l'll have the cash", but the deal ends in less than 4 days? Depend- ing on the product, even a half-off (50%) sale might be worth taking a short term loan out for. However, 2 for 1 deals are impossible to resist, because yoU can double up on every-day items. You get sick & need antibiotics that aren't covered under your medical insurance, or maybe you don't have medical insurance. You don't have the cash-flow. You could go over-limit on your credit card, but you know that not only will this negatively affect your credit rating, your over-limit fees will range between $25-$50 dollars! You could get over-draft, but again, yoU will incur fees. Consider a payday loan to cover these costs when needed & yoU Could come out saving money. 50% 50 20 10 SALES OFF Revolutionize your short term loan experience with! Apply Now

How a Payday Loan Could Save You Money

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Everyone thinks a payday loan is some kind of "last resort". Not so! Just like other types of financing, a short term loan can help with cash-flow issues or help you take advantage of great deals that...


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