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How De-icers Work

How DE-ICERS Work) Protecting boats and docks from winter freeze How Ice Damages Boats and Docks BO. Water can freeze inside the bilge or plank seams of wooden boats and cause a leak. KS HULL DAMAGE Ice grinding against the hull can tear at the gel-coat of fiberglass boats. FLOATING ICE When driven by the wind or current, loose ice can act as a battering ram. WINTER KILL Thick ice and a heavy snow pack can cause fish to die off due to low oxygen levels. DOCK LIFTING ICE EXPANSION Changes in water level due to ice formation can shift dock pilings or pull them out of their footings entirely. As water freezes and expands, its pressure can crush a hull or dock. ДА Structures Most Affected HARBORS DOCKS BRIDGES MARINAS PONDS For every 1 boat that sir at sea, 20,000 小 50,000 4 go down in their slips. Roughly the cost per slip to build a Estimated cost of building a basic private dock new marina How De-Icers Work Water near the bottom is heated by the earth. This water is drawn up to the surface by the de-icer's propeller. The warmer water and constant motion prevents ice from forming. An area of clearance is created around the boat or dock. Mounting Options UNIVERSAL DOCK MOUNT SHALLOW WATER STAND FLOTATION MOUNT SLING (vertical suspension) Most stable Extends up to 10 ft. from mounting bracket Ideal for shallow water Ideal for shallow water (18-48 in.) Ropes must be spread 8-10 feet apart Mounts at an angle for maximum clearance Moves up and down with the water level Adjustable angle Mounts in vertical position Mounts in horizontal position HORIZONTAL ANGLED VERTICAL How Angle Affects Performance Off-Season Uses for De-Icers • Create currents • Funnel debris · Prevent algae buildup The angle at which a de-icer is mounted determines the shape of its area of coverage. SAVVYBOATER Copyright © 2012 SavvyBoater Infographic designed by Mad Fish SEO

How De-icers Work

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Without proper preparation, boat and dock owners put their vessels and structures at risk for weather damage due to moving ice and ice formation. Cold weather conditions can cause dock piling displace...




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