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How to Communicate After Zombie Apocalypse

HOW TO COMMUNICA TE AFTER ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HELLO.? HAM RADIO CAMATEUR RADIO) WHAT IS IT? Radio broadcasting equipment operated by amateurs on FCC channels. RANGE 10+ MILES LIKELY OUTCOME Even if you know how to use a HAM Radio, you won't be able to take it with you as you continue to search for food and other survivors. TWO-WAY RADIO IS ANYONE THERE?! WHAT IS IT? A walkie-talkie that sends and receives radio messages. RANGE 1-3 MILES LIKELY OUTCOME Two-way radios are only useful if you have someone to communicate with. "IF YOU'RE PREPARED FOR THE ZOMBE APOCALYPSE, YOU'RE ALSO PREPARED FOR HURRICANES AND FLOODING" - Center for Disease Control (CDC) spokesperson Dave Daigle CDC FLAG SEMAPHORE WHAT IS IT? RANGE Using flags and their positions to send coded messages. EXAMPLE: BEATLES The album Cover from The Beatles album Help! depicts the band displaying the Semaphore code for "help." AS FAR AS A PAIR OF BINOCULARS ALLOWS USERS TO SEE. LIKELY OUTCOME People will assume you have been infected with the dreaded "dancing zombie" virus strain. SMOKE SIGNALS WHAT IS IT? Messages are created by the location, color, and puffs of Smoke from a fire. RANGE SEVERAL MILES, DEPENDING ON WEATHER AND MATERIALS USED To BUILD THE FIRE FACT: The Boy Scouts of America still teach scouts how to use Smoke signals as emergency beacons. LIKELY OUTCOME Zombies, or groups of unfriendly humans, will trace your location, and come to meet you (or eat you). PERCUSSION WHAT IS IT? Communication using drums. RANGE 3-7 MILES, DEPENDING ON. Surrounding The surrounding Angry humans terrain zombies FACT: European travelers to Africa in the 1830's found that messages sent by percussion from village-to-village could travel at 100 miles an hour. 100 MILES LIKELY OUTCOME Zombies--or marauding humans--are attracted to music. THIS IS NOT THE BEST METHOD CARRIER PIGEONS WHAT IS IT? Pigeons with a natural homing ability are trained to carry messages. FACT: A Janssen Racing Pigeon can fly at speeds of close to 55 MPH, and distances of 400-500 miles. RANGE EFFECTIVE RANGE OF 500+ MILES LIKELY OUTCOME Unless you're a carrier-pigeon training savant, the pigeon will probably fly away, neer to return. SIGNAL LIGHT WHAT IS IT? A light-based Morse Code traditionally used with a signal lamp, but can be improvised with cell phones or lights. RANGE 10 MILES FOR EACH INCH OF MIRROR DIAMETER FACT: The US Army Signal Corps was able to send messages across a distance of 183 mile using an 8-inch square heliograph. LIKELY OUTCOME You won't find a signal lamp. You'll use your cell phone. Zombies are attracted to the blinking light. And then they eat you. BY DECEMBER 2013, XBOX ONE USERS HAD KILLED OVER 3 BILLION ZOMBIES ON THE GAME DEAD RISING 3. GUNFIRE/EXPLOSIONS/SCREAMS WHAT IS IT? The audio evidence of destruction and chaos RANGE SEVERAL MILES, DEPENDING ON.. The trail of dead left behind Amount of violence perpetrated LIKELY OUTCOME This depends on the skill of the Survivor.and the amount of zombies. SOURCES: Brought to you by: In partnership with: grytfin

How to Communicate After Zombie Apocalypse

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One can't help wonder what life would be like after the zombie apocalypse. For decades, we've speculated on the issue through the likes of film, television, novels and other sources of media. But if s...


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