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How Color Influences Consumer Psychology

HOW COLOR INFLUENCES CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY WHY DOES OLOR MATTER? 000 The colors you choose represent your brand and will be seen in your logo, website, and merchandise Your colors should help consumers remember your company and inspire them to become loyal customers 93% of shoppers believe a product's appearance is important 85% of shoppers believe the color of a product helps influence whether or not they buy it 80% of shoppers believe color plays an important role in brand recognition WHAT OLORS SHOULD YOU USE? Blue, green, purple, red, and yellow are America's favorite colors, but they're not the only available options Favorite colors among men are blue, green, and black Men's least favorite colors are brown, orange, and purple Favorite colors among women are blue, purple, and green Women's least favorite colors are orange, brown, and grey Every consumer is unique and might have different responses to certain colors, but typically: BLUE GREEN PURPLE Makes consumers Makes consumers Makes consumers think of creativity, artistry, and mystery think of calmness, think of health, strength, trust, and dependability growth, and tranquility RED YELLOW ORANGE Makes consumers Makes consumers Makes consumers think of optimism, happiness, think of excitement, think of speed, energy, and confidence action, boldness, and passion and freedom If you want to attract impulse buyers, stick to warm colors that strike up a sense of urgency If you want to attract buyers with a plan, stick to cool colors that are more calming and soothing HOW MANY OLORS SHOULD YOU USE? 1 You can use multiple shades of a single color to create a sleek and sophisticated monochromatic design Create contrast by using 2 colors located on opposite sides of the color wheel 3 Add more color and vibrancy by choosing 3 colors from different areas of the color wheel Provided by: PENNINGTON CREATIVE Sources: boost-sales-Christmas.html?IT0O=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

How Color Influences Consumer Psychology

shared by PenningtonCreative on Nov 06
Are you choosing new colors for your business’ branding? Considering how different colors influence the thoughts of consumers can help you select the best hues for your brand. This infographic provi...


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