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History of Surfboard

History of The SURFBOARD 40 400040404040404040404040 Unpredictably, the evolution of the surfboard has plenty of pitstops on the way. Step aboard our concise historical tour of all the major influencers, designers and shapers to find out the real deal behind your favourite sport - there's much more to it than you think. 5 KEY SURFBOARD SHAPERS : GEORGE FREETH WALLY FROISETH BOB SIMMONS BOB MCTAVISH • SHANE STEDMAN O American O Arrived in Hawaii in 1907 O Experimented: Cut 16ft Hawaiian board in half O Evolved: Took shorter board back to California to become first professional surfer O Known as: Father of Surfing O American • Arrived in Hawaii in 1920s o Experimented: Fearless in big waves from age 8, despite several poundings O Evolved: Befriended Blake and developed the 'Hot Curl board in 1936 • Known for: Creating a fast board specifically for big surf • Australian Founder of Shane Surfboards, Australia's largest top-selling maker in 70's American Australian Broke his arm so couldn't fight in WWII Lived as a totally committed surfer, working only to get enough money to search for surf Experimented: Using balsa wood for boards, then in 1949 used fibreglass Evolved: Created 'sandwich' board with a Styrofoam core encased in a thin layer of ply- wood, with balsa wood rails and coated in fibreglass A godfather of technological development in surfboards, now over 60 years but still surfs everyday • Helped to export surfing and surf lifestyle worldwide • Experimented: 'pop-outs', which were mass produced and cheaper then handmade boards Experimented: 1965 created first short board with a very thin rail, a high-aspect fin and a flex-tail Evolved: Disliked by tradition- al surfers, but enjoyed by general public Known as: Father of the Modern Surfboard Evolved: Designed the first 'vee-bottom' and 'broad-tailed' boards, which he appropriately named 'Fantastic Plastic Ma- chines 5 KEY POINTS IN HISTORY 01 Originating in ancient Hawaii, the act of surfing was a deeply spiritual affair - not just one of recreation. ANCIENT HAWAII GEORGE FREETH'S INSPIRATION The surfboard acted as the ultimate symbol of tribal impotance and there were plenty of rituals involved. O The Olo board was the sole dominion of chiefs and noblemen, reaching an impressive 14-16 feet. The Alaia was the commoners' mode of surf at just 10-12 feetin comparison. SURFING IN THE USA 1900-1939 WALLY FROISETH'S ERA Back in the 1900s, boards were heavily constructed of solid Oi redwood and made for a pretty cumbersome ride. 02 1926 saw the first hollow board thanks to Tom Blake and was initially ridiculed by local Hawaiians. Increased speed slowly won fans over however, and Blake went on to devise the first waterproof camera and the 'fixed fin' for increased manoeuvrability. 0. WORLD WAR TWO BOB SIMMONS'S ERA 03 WWII saw the introduction of fibreglass and Styrofoam technologies to further develop the sport. New possibilities opened and in 1946, Pete Peterson (cool name brolbuilt the first fibreglass board. 0. 04 SURFING REACHES AUSTRALIA BOB MACTAVISH'S ERA O Australia met surfing in 1915 thanks to the great Duke Kahanamoku (nickname of Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanomoku - or D for short). The sport first found acclaim in 1956 after a group of Californian surfers and lifeguards stunned locals. O Amazed onlookers began imitating what they witnessed and surfing gained its first foothold in the Australian identity. 05 SURFING FOR EVERYONE SHANE STEDMAN'S ERA The 'popout' board came into being, boasting afford ability and all the qualities of the modern shortboard. Australian Shane Steadman devised the idea in the 1970s. O Foam boards/bodyboards were later developed and learning to surf was safer and easier as a result. )) WHAT'S NEXT? The surfboard still has room for development as ultra-thin yet durable materials hit the sport. Today, regardless of your ability, age, weight or budget, there's a' perfect ride just waiting for you in the modern market. INFLUENTIAL SURFER OF OUR TIME? KELLY SLATER 11 TIME ASP WORLD CHAMPION Kelly Slater Kelly Slater, who's dominated first class competitions with 11 world titles and 53 World Title Event Victories. True philanthropist in the vation ecosystems. EPSN recently named him the most influential person in action sports. We can certainly see why. READ MORE : THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SURFING BY MATT WARSHAW OR ANY OF THE STORMRIDER SURF GUIDES. BOUGHT TO YOU BY THE LIFESTYLE STORE wWW.SURFDOME.COM (0)

History of Surfboard

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Surfboard history by Surfdome : Surfboard Shapes , key points in history.




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