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The History Of Samplers

WICKIEMEDIA ACADEMY "The History Of Samplers" ППТ 1979 1983 NOW Long time ago 1963Mellotron At first there were only tape-replay keyboards. The most popular, and well-known one was the mellotron. 8 BIT SAMPLING 1979 Fairlight C.M.I. The fairlight CMI was the first commercially available digital sampler. It ran for about $30.000.. Memory: 32 kB - Samplerate: 24 kHz /8 bit. 1982 Emulator 1 EMU's emulator-1 was the first consumer-oriented sampler, much more affordable. Memory: 128 kB - Samplerate: 27 kHz /8 bit. Susteme 12 BIT SAMPLING 1986 sp-12 АКАГ EMU's SP-12 was a breakthrough sampler which made sampling possible for a much larger audience It's successor the SP-1200 also had enormous impact. Memory: 48 kB - Samplerate: 27.5 kHz / 12 bit. 1986 Mpc-60 AKAI's MPC-60, designed by Roger Linn, was a breakthrough sampler. SIODO AKAI Memory: 768 kB - Samplerate: 40 kHz / 12 bit. 16 BIT SAMPLING ШT 1988 s1000 The S1000 was one of the first popular 16 bit samplers. It recorded at 'cd-quality'. It was also available as a 19" rack format and a keyboard-version Memory: 2 Mb - Samplerate: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit. 1992 Asr-10 AKAL MPC20 0 The ASR-10 was one of those popular keyboard- samplers in the early 90's. Memory: 2 Mb - Samplerate: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit. 24 BIT SAMPLING 1997 Mpc-2000 The MPC-2000 was one of the many successors in the legendary MPC-series. Akai actually still produces newer and improved versions up till today. Memory: 2 Mb - Samplerate: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit. 2001 Battery plugin Native Instruments Battery was one of the first popular sampler-plugins. These can be loaded directly into a DAW on the computer and uses the computers RAM and storage capabilities. Nowadays “The Evolution Of Samplers" OVER TIME WE CAN SEE SAMPLERS GETTING MORE RAM-MEMORY, HIGHER BIT-DEPTHS AND HIGHER SAMPLE-RATES. THE MODERN SAMPLERS ARE CAPABLE OF MUCH HIGHER SAMPLERATES AND BITDEPTHS THAN IN THE LATE 80's. ALSO MEMORY AND HARDDISKS HAVE GOTTEN MUCH CHEAPER. WE HAVE ALSO SEEN AN ENORMOUS INCREASE IN SOFTWARE SAMPLERS, SINCE MANY PRODUCERS WORK FROM THEIR HOMESTUDIO OR LAPTOP. WICKIEMEDIA PRESENTS A MILLION SAMPLES INFORMATION CHECK OUT "A MILLION SAMPLES" A FULL-LENGTH DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SAMPLING AND THE HISTORY OF SAMPLERS. CHECK OUT THE PROJECT ON: HTTP://AMILLIONSAMPLES.WICKIEMEDIA.NET HTTP://IGG.ME/AT/AMILLIONSAMPLES WICKIEMEDIA indiegogo THIS INFOGRAPHIC IS MADE BY WICK VAN DEN BELT FOR WICKIEMEDIA. (C) 2014.

The History Of Samplers

shared by WickieMedia on Apr 08
This infographic shows a timeline of some very influential samplers that have been released over the years. This image is made for promotion of the documentary 'A Million Samples'.


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