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History of Design

HISTORY OF DESIGN c. 18,500 years ago Cave paintings 5000 B.C. Prehistoric Rock 1200 B.C. paintings in Bhimbetaka, India Phoenician types ブ 100 B.C. Roman types QVE E K 1454 Latin type carving in stone Ennpnt lube Bzelith quez Gothic type, as used in Guttenberg's Bible Punch type model GARAMOND C. 630 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Garamond typography 1867 SWEDISH SONGOUARTETT THE Lithographic poster 1880 IA Chair designed by Morris Logo AEG, Behrens 1907 1917 LESTYL De Stijl logo, Van Doesburg DADADADA DA o GALERIE ČORRAY BAINHOF STRIP. TILTENHOFE 12 FEXPOŠI TION-DADA CUBISTES ARTNEGRE OUVERT 10-12-2-6 CONFERENCES SURCART FAITESPAR TRISTANTZARA SAMEDHLEB2OIANDTRNE 1st Dada Poster, Janco The Red Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld 1919 EOADADPO Bauhaus first logo, Auerbach, 1919 1920 Decorative fretwork 1923 THtre or MICHEL So Evening of The Bearded Heart, Zdanevich 1930 1935 Pyramid telephone designed in bakelite Useble object designed by Maurice Ascalon 1940 1942 Eskimo, Hair Dryer, Model 787 Isotype man, Otto Neurath VOGUE 1950 1951 Vogue cover, Alexander Lieberman CBS Logo CBS on-air, William Golden 1953 Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman, 1951-53 HelveticaHelvetica Helvetica Helvetica Telephone with dial in back 1961 Cover for Visual Design in Action, Ladislav Sutnar 1971 SHATTER abcdefghijklmnopgrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGH IKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Transfer lettering by Milton Glaser 1973 IBM Redesign by Paul Rander 1973 I♥NY Logo by Milton Glaser 1980 Moscow 1980, Olympic Games logo Rubik's Cube designed by Erno Rubik 1990 Alessi Juicy Salif Lemon Sgueezzer, Philippe Starck 1992 Cobi, cartoon logo for Barcelona's Olympic Games, Javier Máriscal 2008 Pictograms for Beijing's $ sA e☆ Olympic Games, a g e t jingewen, a script based on dound on 200o year-old bronze carvings. Sources: Röhsska museet,,, PDADROA A DA DA DAD, ADADAD CHES nARBE 大 国 重 台 司 局

History of Design

shared by judithgold on Dec 11
This infographic provides a timeline and illustrates furniture, media, and typeface design throughout time. It provides a visual to show how design has evolved and grown through the years.


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