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A History of Christmas Trees

VISUAL HISTORY OF Christimas Trees he first Christmas tree was the centerpiece of holiday festivities in fifteenth century Latvia. Young men 1600 First decorated tree and women danced and sang around the tree before setting it on fire the last night of festivities. From those early traditions, to the first American tree in 1816, and into the present 1883 First artificial tree Christmas season, Christmas trees have been the focal point of holiday cheer. This timeline Sears, Roebuck & Company takes a look at some of the significant moments in the modern history of this Christmas icon. began offering the first artificial Christmas trees -33 limbs for $.50 and 55 limbs for $1.00. Decoration inventions Landmark Christmas Tree trees culture industry "It's not good to cut down trees for mere decoration," says President Teddy 1910s Roosevelt in 1901, launching a century long debate on real vs. artificial trees. Overharvesting leads to evergreen shortages, leading to 1910 1910 Small electric lights are Tree farms already invented, but are too expensive and dangerous for trees. Christmas Tree 1920 ...... The industry grows rapidly. By 2002, over 40 million trees are sold in the U.S. every Christmas. The same large evergreen has been decorated every year since 1923. In 2011, the tree fell in a windstorm and a new one was planted. 1930 1930 1930 Brush companY manufactures first bristle trees. 1933 Imported from Germany, feather trees become popular in U.S. and range in size from The tallest Christmas tree ever at Rockefeller was a 30 foot spruce in 1999. 2 inches to 6 foot. 1940 1940 19.40s Bubble lights The West Coast reinvents Christmas cool with flocking kits that can be applied with vacuum cleaners. Disneyland Main Street Tree. 1950 Grinch Stole The How 1958 Sixty foot tall live tree until 2008, when 1960 Aluminum trees are first non-green artificial trees. they switched to an artificial one for environmental reasons. Tuo classics that remind Blue everyone it's the spirit of A Charlie Brown giving, not a tree, that makes Christmas. 1970 National Christmas Tree Association begins presenting the White House with a tree from Charlie's negative portrayal of artificial trees causes dip in sales. the annual Grand Champion award-winning growers Largest 1980 1980 1980 » 1970-80s Plastic trees lead to The Griswold Family's quest for the perfect tree is full of hilarious holiday disasters. explosion of artificial trees as green alternative. 1989 8,5 kilometers of cable outlines a 650 meter tall tree. 1990 1990 In 1992, 46% of homes used an artificial tree. The number Fiber-optic jumped to 58% in 2004. Christmas 19१05, War on 2000 HI polyethylene Lifelike Politicians debate whether it's more politically correct to refer to Christmas trees as 'holiday' trees. Meanwhile, sales continue to boom. Over New consumer 17.4 million artificial technologies drive a new era of Christmas tree trees were sold in 2007. 2011 decorations. InfoNewt Today, artificial trees range from lifelike to glamorous, complete with spinning 4 motors, multi-colored lights, and polyethylene plastics. Visualizing Businesa Intelligence SOURCES CHRISTMÂS tree-farmers-hope-ads.html eck all the styles out at TREE MARKET ..... © 2011 1920s Feathered trees nolders light class candleh 1946 S Rocketeller Center 1955, ROom Tree 996 White Ho 1923 National nGubbio, cree lit in Gu e flocking Italy Christma atic trees Christmas 1957 2001 S961 Christmas Vacatio S0007

A History of Christmas Trees

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The history of the Christmas tree has garnered a lot of fascinating points over the years. A tradition with humble beginnings in 15th century Latvia, the festive tower of foliage has grown to be one o...


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