He Said, She Said

HE SAID, SHE SAID НЕ Web Design by Gender Sources:, Gloria Moss. G. BROUGHT TO YOU BY WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM We are drawn to images of people of our own gender. MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE ATTITUDES OF MEN AND WOMEN Males Females Men are more likely than women to create design with a technical look. Individualistic / Individualistic - men's Collective concerns- women's perspective is the "we" Results in rapport talk Collectivist perspective is the"I". Results in report talk Women prefer rounded shapes to linear ones, and detailed surfaces to plain ones. Object or people centred Object centred People centred Approaches to tasks Accomplishes a single Multi-task (when shopping task at a time will try and accomplish as Citing a study by Franck and Rosen - "whereas male subjects drew faces in profile, female subjects drew them in full frontal position." many tasks as possible) Attitudes to priorities Will focus on the top All points will be priorities priorities Detail Likes minimal details Likes copious information Women prefer the use of more color, especially brighter colors. on a product and will not buy until her wish about a project List is satisfied. She is a perfectionist Men prefer subject matter that depicts "comparative advertising appeals." Product features/ Interested in how product Interested in what product benefits features work features do Women prefer subject matter that depicts "harmonious relationships". A comparison of the male and female tendency to use straight lines O Men prefer 3-D design while women prefer 2-D design. Males Females Web Design: Straight Lines 77% 40% Median salary by gender Certification: Certified Web Designer Round 0% 10% F: $41,020 $$$$$$ M: $45,379 Mixture 7% 10% 82.6% of Web designers are male. n/a 16% 40 MALE: FAVORITE COLOR A comparison of the male and female tendency to use large numbers of Typeface colors FEMALE: FAVORITE COLOR BLUE 57% Males Female BLUE 35% BROWN 3% 1 color 27% 22% GREEN 14% 2-3 colors 70% 50% 4-6 colors 3% 26% GREY 1% BROWN 2% →7 0% 2% ORANGE 5% A comparison of the male and female use of Informal / formal LANGUAGE or a combination of bothgo GREEN 14% Males Female BLACK 6% C YELLOW 3% BLACK 9% Formal 70% 27% YELLOW 1% PURPLE 23% GREY 3% ORANGE 5% Informal 15% 67% WHITE 1% WHITE 2% RED 7% RED 9% Both 15% 6%

He Said, She Said

shared by maggie on May 03
Men and women are attracted to different things whether it comes to checking out the opposite sex or being drawn to a certain website. Men tend to be drawn to more technical looking sites while women ...


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