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Harsh Justice: Comparing Prisons around the World

HARSH JUSTICE AT LEAST 11 MILLION PEOPLE are sitting in prisons and detention centers around the world. And with the global population continuing to rise, prison population numbers are only going to swell in the coming decades. Let's explore how justice is meted out around the world. RESIDENTS INCARCERATED PER 100,000 DEATH SENTENCES IMPOSED 2007-2012 76 Afghanistan Argentina 147 Australia 130 476 Azerbaijan 226 Thousands Belize 417 Bermuda Chile 259 (at least) China 170 Cuba 510 Denmark 73 704 71 Egypt 425 El Salvador Ethiopia 136 France 100 United Kingdom 132 156 ,420 Iran 284 Iraq 110 Ireland 89 Israel 225 Italy 105 Japan 51 105 Jordan 95 North Korea's Kazakhstan 295 total is unknown because many death sentences are imposed without legal proceedings and in secret. Kuwait 140 Libya 82 800 Mexico 210 North Korea Pakistan 475 L492 Russia Rwanda 162 Saudi Arabia South Africa 294 South 99 Korea Spain 146 Sweden 67 Turkey 184 716 504 Ukraine 288 United States 258 Vietnam 145 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 NOTORIOUS PRISONS U.S. ADX (federal supermax) Florence, Colorado Notable inmates UNABOMBER TED KACZYNSKI SHOE BOMBER RICHARD REID OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING CONSPIRATOR TERRY NICHOLS Conditions According to a class-action lawsuit against the facility, "Many prisoners at ADX interminably wail, scream, and bang on the walls of their cells. Some mutilate their bodies with razors, shards of glass, sharpened chicken bones, writing utensils, and whatever other objects they can obtain. TURKEY DIYARBAKIR PRISON Capacity CAN HOLD ABOUT 1,100 PRISONERS AND IS OFTEN OVERCROWDED Conditions Often referred to as having the most human rights violations per prisoner, the prison is said to be rife with physical and mental torture and sexual abuse. Inmates have attempted hunger strikes, taken their own lives and even set themselves on fire. 100 NORTH KOREA CAMP 22 Northeast North Korea Size 770 Conditions SQUARE MILES, HOLDING 50,000 PEOPLE AT ITS PEAK Less a prison than a concentration camp, Camp 22 operators subjected inmates to extreme torture and human experimentation. Officially denied by the North Korean regime, Camp 22 is the most brutal of the country's oppressive prison camps, though there are some indications the camp may have been closed in recent years. OF OPERATIONS =1,000 Torture Methods WATER HANGING BOX-ROOM KNEELING PIGEON TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE Prisoner stands on toes in a tank hung upside filled with water to his nose for 24 hours Prisoner detained in tiny cell not large enough wooden bar to stand or sit Prisoner Prisoner forced to kneel and a Prisoner tied to wall with both hands at a height of about 2 feet stripped, down from the ceiling and beaten is inserted near his knee and must hollows to stop blood circulation. crouch for many hours KEGI SOURCES • • • • • CRIMINALJUSTICEDEGREEHUB.COM

Harsh Justice: Comparing Prisons around the World

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Prisons around the world house some of the world’s most infamous criminals. has created an infographic entitled “Harsh Justice: Comparing Prisons around the World�...


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