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Gun Violence Crime Personal Injury Claim (USA)

GUN VIOLENCE CRIME Personal Injury Claim (USA) VIOLENT CRIME Violent crime related to gangs or organized crime is highest in the Americans, particu- larly Central America. *:. .::.. THE U.K. ISRAEL Israel rejects 40 per- centage of its applica- tions for a gun, the highest rate of rejec- tion of any country in Guns are next to THE U.S.A A child in the U.S. is 13 impossible to legally obtain in the U.K. times more likely to be killed in a gun homicide than a child in Finland. France or Homicide rate in England and Waies has averaged 15 per- centage higher since 1997, when new gun laws took effect. The U.K. still has one of lowest rates of qun the world. New Zealand. AUSTRALIA Australia banned ll semi-automatic and automatic rifles and shotguns in 1996. The risk of dying by gunshot in AUstralia was cut in half over homicides in the world. the next decade. THE U.S.A. IS NOT #1 FOR GLOBAL GUN VIOLENCE 14 OTHER COUNTRIES RANKED HIGHER FOR GUN VIOLENCE PER 1. HONDURAS 5. GUATEMALA 9. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2. JAMAICA 6. COLOMBIA 10. BAHAMAS 3. ST.KITTS 7. TRINIDAD 11. MEXICO 4. VENEZUELA 8. PANAMA 12. UNITED STATES IN THE UNITED STATES 1 OUT OF EVERY 3 MOST UKELY TO OWN A GUN PERSONALLY OWN A GUN Men aged 35 to 54 with no college 23% education are more OF ADULT WOMEN likely than their Counterparts to be 46% gun owners. OF ADULT MEN 3RD SWITZERLAND (43 GUNS PER 100 PEOPLE) 2ND YEMEN (55 GUNS PER 100 PEOPLE) 1ST U.S.A. (90 GUNS PER 100 PEOPLE) TYPES OF GUNS OWNED BY U.S. GUN OWNERS: 59% 63% 58% THE U.S.A, ACOUNTS AND 35 TO 50% OF FOR ONLY 5% OF THE THE WORLD'S GUNS. RIFLE SHOTGUN HANDGUN WORLD'S POPULATION Settle a Personal Injury Claim (USA) 1. Kuono under what eircumstances you cen file a porsonel 6. Calculato any out-of-pockot costs you may have incurred. 7. Understend thet the worth of a personal injury elaim injury cleim. deponds on what is considered "feir and reesonable" in reletion 2. Visit a doctor or health care professional for examination as koon as possible, regerdles of the severity of your injuries. 3. Natify the proper cuthorities. 4. Provent your laim from being throwon out due to lack of to the significemce of the injuries cnd the conseguences of the accident on the injured person's daily cotivities. 8. Find out the statute of limitations for filing a personel injury cleim in your state. 9. Consider settling your personal injury claim in small eleims cvidence by recording as meny of the specificr of the acident that yonu cen recell, coust. 5. Protect anything that may identify who was at fault, including torn clothing, a maimed cer or damaged property. 10. Contest eny settlennent offer from the insurance company if you think the compensation should be higher. SOURCES • • http://news harvardedu/gazette/story/2012/12/looking-for- lessons-in-newtown • • http//www.afso org • http// • • http// http// the-world_n_232194 htmi • Global_study_on_homicide_Key_findings.pat - http// weapons-what-are-they-and-should-they facebook-posts/the-us-is-no-in-gun-violence-is-R/ • http// • http://bjs.ojp usdoj gow/content • Kollermann AL and Waeckerle JF. Preventing Firearm Injuries Ann Emerg Med July 1998. 3277-79) • http://science - concealed-carry-permits-within-last-10-years - http //articles.chicagotribune com/2012-12-30/news/ct-met-ilinois-concealed- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.1997 46101-105) • carry-models-20121230 1.gun-laws-gun-issue-typical-gun-owner • • LAM OFFIC BRUCE S. RAPHEL, PC

Gun Violence Crime Personal Injury Claim (USA)

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Violent crime related to gangs or organized crime is highest in the Americans, particularly Central America.




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