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Growler 101

Growler 101 ... .. ... .. •.. • . • . . . Bring it in - Fill it up-Drink - Clean -Repeat. •... Total U.S. Breweries If one wanted beer outside of the Microbreweries saloon they would Regional Craft breweries carry it out with a BUCKET 96% Craft Beer ÁN'S VARIETY STORE, PHONE OUTH PALAPO ET. The term growler is rumored to exsist Regional non-craft breweries because when the beer sloshed around in the pail it created a GROWLING NOISE as the co2 escaped Brew Pubs Prohibition began in the 1920s GROWLERS WERE Large non-craft breweries PROHIBΙTION lead to the creation of the "Duck" flask-like growler that came with a hook to allow the owner to secure it inside his coat, hiding it from the police OUTLAWED - a closed metal ... . DAILY MIRROR FAL PROHIBITION Co ENDS AT LAST! Reusable Glass Air Tioht Seal Caps seal the growler • and keep the beer fresh. Unopened, the beer should • be good to drink for up to •2 weeks. Once you open it, CANS SIX-OʻGLUEK'S yucks BEER Breweries began distributing their BEER IN CANS after prohibition was repealed in 1933. The cans were advertised as growlers to adjust the beer drinker to the "Silver Growlers CARS SIX drink it within 36 hours. Craft Beer Growlers evolved to There is WAXED CARDBOARD CONTAINERS that resembled take- Amber Colored plenty to new vessel choose • The amber from at The out Chinese containers. colored glass Growler The growler went into hiding after the '60s keeps the beer • from light Guys, with 60 taps, which can including Shortly after opening Teton Ale, a draft-only microbrewery, Charlie Otto wanted to sell BEER TO-GO without bottling. He decided to bring back the growler. Instead of using a pail, he used a 2 GALLON GLASS JUG Teton Ale break down beer, • the beers hop Kombucha, cider and compounds... EW sangria. THE GROWLER GUYS In Spring 2012, Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber signed the GROWLER BILL, allowing ORIGINAL CO2 By purging the oxygen 64 Ounces licensed retailers to sell wine and and hard cider in replacing it with CO2, Modern> Growler is the standard growler size, •but they come growlers the growler will stay GROWLER GÜYS was founded in Bend Oregon inside a gas station in many sizes. fresher for longer and taste better. Late 1800s 1920s 1930s 1950s 1980s 2010s

Growler 101

shared by sripp3323 on Dec 27
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I created this infographic for The Growler Guys to educate untapped clientele about what a growler is and how to use it.


Stacey Ripp


Stacey Ripp


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