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Growing or Going? Jobs of the Future

GROWING or GOINGY DEDX - Jobs of the Future It's easy to assume that all jobs in the future will require working with new technology and complex computer systems. And though this is true for some, it's definitely not the case for all growing career fields. Which occupations should you focus on throughout your college education? TODAY ... Fastest growing and declining industries Growth or decline between 2012 and 2022 (1) +1,622.10% 2,000 +1,225.80% 1,000 +781.7% +760.7% Honpital +715.7% Construction Offices Employment services Nursing and Home of health practitioners residential health care care facilities services Newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers Textile mills Apparel manufacturing and textile Miscellaneous manufacturing Postal product mills Service -51.5% -57.3% -85.8% 100 -105% -169.1% - 200 COMPARED TO YESTERDAY These five jobs didn't exist a decade ago. Just proof that the future will hold careers that we have yet to imagine. (2, 3) 56C56 Market research data mine App developer Educational Social media Millennial and admissions generational expert manager ultant 100K- 50K Average salary: Average salary: Average salary: Average salary: Average salary: $91,000 $81,000 $55,000o $59,000 $75,000 THE BEST (AND WORST) JOBS FOR TOMORROW Here are the jobs with the highest and lowest projected growth rates for the next decade. (1) Change 2012-2022 Average annual salary 30 60 Industrial-organization psychologist +53% O O $83,580 +49% Personal care aides O $19,910 +49% Home health aides O $20,820 Mechanical +47% insulation workers O $39,170 Interpreters and +46% translators O $45,430 Diagnostic medical sonographers $65,860 +46% Brickmason assistants O $28,220 +43% Occupational therapy assistants O $53,240 +43% Genetic counselors O $56,800 +41% Physical therapist assistants O $52,160 +41% Change 2012-2022 ) Average annual salary 50 25 Motion picture O-26.5% O projectionists $19,830 -26.8% Postal carriers $56,490 Textile cutting -27.1% machine operators $24,050 Semiconductor O-27.1% processors $33,020 O Postal Service mail -29.8% sorters / processors $53,090 -31.6% Log graders / scalers $32,880 Postal Service clerks -31.8% $53,090 Shoe machine -35.3% operators $24,310 Locomotive firers -42% $44,920 O 043.3 Tree fallers $35,250 SOURCES 1. 2. 3.

Growing or Going? Jobs of the Future

shared by christopherpnauman on Apr 24
For those entering the workforce, it can be a scary time. It’s hard to know what the future may hold for many industries, but has created an infographic entitled ...


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