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Grow Where You Are

SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA GROWING CITIES GROW WHERE YOU ARE WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WAY WE EAT-STARTING IN OUR OWN BACKYARDS SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG GROWINGCITIESMOVIE.COM THE BENEFITS OF FOOD GARDENS ENERGY #4759 OWN IN THE US FRESH EMPOWERING CEFICIENT PLUO4 USA Grow it, pick it, eat it. You can't get fresher than that. Gardening gives all people the Home gardens save food miles. (Did you know that produce can travel 1,500 miles to get to your store?) power to eat healthier and revitalize their communities. #3759 HEALTHY ECONOMICAL SAFE PRODUCT OF THE USA By gardening responsibly, you can limit your risk of exposure to A 600-sq-ft garden costs $70 to maintain and can produce $600 worth of food. Studies show that gardeners eat more vegetables than nongardeners. foodborne illness outbreaks in the conventional food system. WE HAVE THE SPACE 80% OF PEOPLE IN THE U.S. LIVE IN CITIES BUT LESS THAN 2% OF FOOD CONSUMED THERE IS GROWN LOCALLY AT HOME... 10 MILLION ACRES IS ABOUT THERE ARE 10 MILLION ACRES OF FRONT AND BACKYARDS IN AMERICA. PARKING 10 SPACES FOR TU EVERY PERSON THAT'S ENOUGH TO PRODUCE 43.5 MILLION TONS OF FOOD! (1,300 SQ FT) ..AND IN OUR COMMUNITIES THERE ARE MORE THAN 7,300 ACRES OF VACANT LAND IN NEW YORK CITY ALONE. WE'VE DONE IT BEFORE DURING WWII, VICTORY GARDENERS PRODUCED 40% OF THE PRODUCE CONSUMED IN THE U.S. HOZI 6 WAYS TO GROW LOCAL CREATE A WINDOWSILL GARDEN PLANT A Start small and CONTAINER GARDEN just grow something! Like basil in a pot, cilantro in a cup, or lettuce in an Want to scale up but short on soil or space? Get a trash can or old tires, fill 'em with dirt, and plant your favorite veggies. old shoe, 3 GROW IN YOUR YARD GREEN BEANS CAN GENERATE If you have a sunny space in your yard, plant a garden. If you're new, start small and ask other gardeners what grows best in your area. $75 WORTH OF CROPS FOR EACH SPENT ON SEEDS FOOD GARDENING IS GROWING. 35% OF U.S. HOUSEHOLDS GREW FOOD IN 2012 UP FROM 31% IN 2008 COMMUNITY GARDEN COMMUNITY GARDENS HAVE BEEN FOUND TO HELP STABILIZE NEIGHBORHOODS JOIN OR START A COMMUNITY OR BY RETAINING POPULATION SCHOOL GARDEN AND INCREASING RATES OF HOME OWNERSHIP Get involved with a local garden to learn from those who know best. Or if you already have gardening know-how, what about transforming a nearby vacant lot? GET A BACKYARD FLOCK (OR HERD) Veggies not enough? Look into getting backyard hens, rabbits, or maybe even a goat! Don't take this lightly, though; living creatures need lots of love and care. * Some municipalities have gardening and livestock ordinances. Make sure to DEPENDING ON A VARIETY OF FACTORS, A HEN WILL LAY check yours. GET INVOLVED 180-320 EGGS Join a local gardening group or food policy council to learn more about local food in your area. DURING HER FIRST YEAR OF LAYING SUSTAINABLE GROWING CITIES - AMERICA- SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG GROWINGCITIESMOVIE.COM SOURCES: class.html fication.htm City Bountiful: A Century of Community Gardening in America by Laura Lawson chickensfaqs formation-bulletin/eib14.aspx#.UnQGJZGXyll munity-gardens-health-20110805 formation-bulletin/eib14.aspx#.UNQGJZGXYLI search.php

Grow Where You Are

shared by SustainableAmerica on Nov 06
After our recent interview with Dan Susman of Growing Cities about his new documentary about urban farming, we were inspired to translate the movie’s core message—”Grow where you are!”—into ...




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