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GIA vs EGL - which one is best certification

EGL VS OGIA 1931 GIA vs EGL – which one is the best? Diamonds always come with either GIA or EGL approved certification. Both Gemological Institute of America(GIA) and European Gemological Laboratory(EGL) are the most popular laboratories used to certify loose diamonds. ESTABLISHMENT ESTABLISHMENT GIA – set up in 1931. EGL - founded in 1974. EMPLOYEES EMPLOYEES GIA - about 1400 employees that include scientists, certified diamond graders, and educators. EGL - over 1100 employees that include scientists, diamond graders, and educators. LOCATIONS LOCATIONS GIA - Carlsbad, New York, Moscow, Florence, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Gaborone, Johannesburg, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, and Bangkok EGL - Antwerp, London, Paris, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. But finding out the best between the two is quite hard. In order to decide which certification to rely on, it is crucial to understand the grading system of two different labs. Let us bring out the two reports for the same diamond weighing 1.05 carat. GIA report EGL report Color – H Clarity – VS2 Color – F Clarity – VVS2 Based on their report, GIA is always preferred over EGL certification. Let us compare the two with respect to other factors. SERVICES SERVICES GIA – offers EGL – offers a website riched with digital content an interactive diamond tool Gemology related educational programs, diamond certificates, laser inscription, appraisals, diamond sealing services, and online certification. inscription services, diamond research studies, diamond education, GIA diamond e-report, Diamond dossier, and Gemological Identification Reports. GRADING SYSTEM GRADING SYSTEM GIA EGL • Grading techniques are used only for diamonds weighing less than 1 carat. • Establish S13 diamond clarity rating. • Create a diamond sealing inside a transparent capsule including gemological details. • Provide diamond ethics certificate • Invented the gemological microscope in 1938. • Created the clarity scale Flawless-I3 and color scale D to Z in the year 1953. • Introduced the four C's Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. • Discovered the detection of fracture-filled diamonds. • Graded the Hope, De Beers, Incomparable, and Taylor-Button diamonds. PROS AND CONS PROS AND CONS GIA EGL • Standardized grading technique • EGL certified diamonds are less expensive than GIA diamonds of the same grade. • Diamonds are often graded by at least four gemologists. • GIA certified diamonds are highly appreciated compared to EGL certified diamonds. • EGL certified diamonds, though having inferior quality may have the same grade as the diamonds certified from GIA labs. • Inconsistent grading technique. • Discrepancies in grading standards. • GIA diamonds are more expensive than EGL certified diamonds. CONTACT 312-888-9926 • 68 East Madison Street Chicago, & ID IL 60602 USA Tel: 312-888-9926 @diamonds717 f @Diamonds717_Inc • 5 South Wabash Ave Suite 717 Chicago IL 60603 USA DIAMONDS INC diamonds717inc Tel: 312-763-3934

GIA vs EGL - which one is best certification

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Both GIA and EGL are the most popular laboratories used to certified loose diamonds.


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