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The Game of Home

The Game of HOME by: O GOBankingRates START HERE GET YOUR WATER TESTED FOR SAFETY USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FOR WORK Get $500 Green Award CHOOSE A HOUSE pay $200 PAYDAY BUNGALOW $40,000 monthly mortgoge payment $250 PAY ORTO UY A REFRIGERATOR AND STOVE FOR YOUR NEW FULL KITCHEN pay $6,000 CONDO- $100,000 monthly mortgage payment $650 FARMHOUSE - $160,000 monthly mortgage payment $1,050 MANSION $5000,000 monthly mortgoge payment $32,000 PERSONAL CHATEAU - $10,000.000 monthly mortgoge ADD ON A DECK USE NEW HOME BUYER'S TAX CREDIT BUY FURNITURE FOR THE NEW BABY ON payment $65,000 ITS WAY pay $10,000 gel $8,000 back pay $2,000 PAY RULEBOOK HIRE A MORTGAGE OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to make it to the finish line without losing all your money and having paid off your mortgage. GARDENER pay $500 RULES: Spin the wheel and follow the path of home ownership. The first player to make it to the end without foreclosing on their home is the WINNERI PAYDAY INSTALL CENTRAL HEATING ADD A SECURITY SYSTEM pay $2,000 pay $500 TO THE GROCERY DID YOU KNOW STORE pay $200 PAY MORTGAGE THROW A GARAGE SALE 33% of houses have get $5,000 a working carbon monoxide detector. 86% of households have an air conditioning unit 98% of households have a kitchen and 9 out of 10 water samples from houses are labeled safe to drink stove BUY A WASHING MACHINE AND CLOTHES DRYER 54% of houses have BUY SOME nearby public transportation 85% of homes have HEAT YOUR HOUSE SOLAR PANELS a porch, patio, deck, or balcony HIS WINTER get $1,000 for saving energy pay $1,000 64% of homes have pay $1,000 3 or more bedrooms 66% of homes have a dishwasher Source: 2009 HUD American Housing Survey AN EVENT AT NEW HOME cet $2,000 ADD A POOL TO YOUR YA pay $800 MAKE A TRIP awos og HOME REPAIRS pay $5,000

The Game of Home

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Buying a house to call home? Roll the dice and find out where you land on your path of turning that dream house into your family's home.


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