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All shoppers are guaranteed to travel through the front end of the grocery store. With the high volume of traffic, there is great potential to maximize sales and profits for the retailer CHECKING QU at the checkout. Thank You The time-stressed shopper is looking for speed and convenience at the front end and can be persuaded into last-minute rewards with merchandise tailored to the shopper that trigger impulsive buys. FRONT END SHOPPER BEHAVIOR 1 100% of shoppers travel through the front end. 2 POWER CATEGORIES represent 57% female and 43% male. 89.6% of front end sales: 61% of females and 39% of males make front CONFECTIONERY 35.1% end purchases. BEVERAGES 28.7% The front end is 1.1% of store profits. 80% of immediate consumption- MAGAZINES 25.8% confectionery purchase decisions are made in store. Leverage "For Me" mind-set with power categories. Confectionery accounts for 38% of front end space. Top two front end needs are INDULGENCE at 53% and FUNCTIONAL at 36%: Front end is a place for rewards. PRERESS LANE MANE Shopping and purchase rates at Self-Checkout could improve with BETTER MERCHANDISING and ASSORTMENT. Some wait time promotes shopping and purchasing PAR 38% of Self-Checkout shoppers when merchandise did not purchase because they "didn't notice anything." is positioned where shoppers are waiting and can see it. MARSMTS 4 REGULAR CHECKOUT 48% of shoppers use Regular Checkout. 85% of shoppers will not change lanes for confectionery. 4 EXPRESS CHECKOUT People increasingly gravitate to Self-Checkout, where there are fewer front 19% of shoppers use Express Checkout. end sales, for speed and convenience. Many in Self-Checkout do not shop front end because they do not notice items due to faster processes and involved technology. 4 SELF CHECKOUT 34% of shoppers use Self-Checkout. 3 Shoppers are disengaged at the front end and think about getting out of the store and getting home. 21% of Self-Checkout lanes weren't merchandised. People 18 to 49 use Self-Checkout most. 35% of stores have self-service terminals. 31% of Self-Checkout lanes had no confectionery. Shoppers look for the shortest line to get out of the store faster. Optimizing Front End To Maximize Sales Implementing front end best practices can maximize checkout sales by having the right assortment and merchandising. Pique the interest of the shopper by making items more visible and accessible to waiters. Merchandising more effectively can increase buy rates by triggering impulse buys and enhancing their shopping experience. Give high impulse items like GUM, CHOCOLATE and BEVERAGES priority space: Merchandise the POWER CATEGORIES at all checkouts: BEVERAGES, MAGAZINES and CONFECTIONERY •Gum and mints on customer left • They have high household penetration, purchase frequency and impulsivity • They deliver over 80% of sales • They inspire the shopper and trigger impulse buys •Chocolate and candy on customer right •Beverage coolers in-line Retailers have seen up to 10% 10% GROWTH in Total Front End sales by optimizing the front end of the grocery store. CELEBRITY cooking People tend to look 15-30 DEGREES below eye level. 15-30° TRAVEL PARENTS 00000 Eyes are drawn to the LEFT, TOWARD THE BELT, while they unload groceries. GARDEN EXCERCISE Non edibles can be DE-PRIORITIZED at the Position merchandise where shoppers are waiting front end with minimal disruption. so they can INTERACT with products. SOURCES WRIGLEY Wrigley is a recognized leader in confections with a wide range of product offerings including gum, mints, hard and chewy candies, and lollipops. - IRI Scan and Panel Data 2012 - Wrigley IRI Audit 2011 Grocery Front End Checklane - Envirosell 2012 - Kantar Retail, 2012 - Impulse Marketing, Check Out Update 2012 - Wrigley Spa 2011 Dechert-Hampe Front End Focus, 2009 - dunnhumby, 2013 A Subs dlary of Mars, Incorporated ................:


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The Front End of the grocery store is the one area all shoppers are guaranteed to travel. With the high volume of traffic, there is great potential to maximize sales and profits for the retailer at t...


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