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Founders of Western Culture

I know that I know nothing valid? GREATEST HAPPINESS ignorance nderlying beliefs invalid? e to involuntarily Extent of Knowledge help crime Method of Inquin cocratic Problem knowing oneself commit dialectic Athens desire problem broken down into series of Socratic Parade Socratic Method questions human choice wisdom THINKERS eliminate elenchus Identify the Problem contradictions 470 BC Pioneer Beliefs Lgative influenced Gather Data born Reductio ad absurdum Hypothesis eriod died hypothess 399 BC Test the Hypothesis (Experiment) Does the New Data Agree? Scientific Method Dis ciples married epistemology tanthippe Contributions Kenophon ethics study of knowledge & understanding hum an perc ep. philosophy SOCRATES Chariot Allegory Antisthenes youths corrupting charges nemlock Aristippus Allegory Theory of Forms Chariot impiety e ction influenced by Phaedrus Let the philosopher be king. "Time is the moving image of eternity" Created by : Daniel Tay X S Singapore Twitter @tayxiongsheng Dikastes convicted by contributions justice drink defines Ocath penalty man ΠΛΑΤΟΝΟ> he Republic dialogues I1OAITEIAN just Socratic Dialogues DIALOCUES 36 city-state ideal REPUBLIC PLAT O: The Cave etter WHO LAID THE The Cave ADMUSSEI MASSEY A27 BC birth Dec 2013 e a cher philosophy logic died reasoning PLATO religion 347 BC Interpretation deductive FOUNDATIONS OF ethics rhetoric Prior Analytics Categories Tetrahedron Octahedron Cube Westem world's first university founded 10 6 books Academ Posterior Analytics Dodecahedron Plato's Academy Icosahedron a ti WESTERN formal Sophistical Refutations 87 BC Topics moving material virtue ethics Islam Organon final A causes Stagirus Judaism place 384 BC Christianity เกกในences Ide birth rDA CAN RY LAMA ER THEREFORE, ICAN FOY. period тean Lideas. death 322 BC categorical Everyone's concepts & all their knowledge ultimately based on perception. successor Syllogis Theophrastus CULTURE empiricism Strato A discourse in which certain things having been supposed, something different from the things supposed results of necessity because these things are so. ARISTOTLE Father of Botany tutor of Alexander the covered walkways of Lyceum 335 BC SOCRATES, PLATO & ARISTOTLE Peripatetic School Lyceum Great school Peripatos 62 years 80 years Opunc unoun Greece influence in tcome

Founders of Western Culture

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The foundations of western culture are indisputably laid by three major figures from ancient Greece: Socrates, Plato & Aristotle. Their teachings laid the foundations of philosophy, logic and reasonin...


Daniel Tay


Daniel Tay


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