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Five Benefits of Natural Daylight

5 BENEFITS OF Natural Daylight A well-lit space is always more inviting than a poorly lit one. Not all light, however, is created equal; and the benefits of natural light far outweigh those of artificial light sources. Here are five good reasons why you should consider adding natural light to your home. It's healthy for the eyes. While artificial lighting causes eyestrain, natural light reduces it, as it makes it easier for the eyes to focus. For kids, getting 3 hours of natural light per day can help stimulate the healthy growth of their eyeballs. It helps beat the blues. Natural sunlight is a powerful mood enhancer, and daily exposure to appropriate levels has proven to help the body produce not just Vitamin D but also the happy hormone, serotonin, which helps ward off depression. 2 It sets your body on schedule. Artificial light can confuse the brain's sense of day and night. Natural light helps calibrate the body's circadian rhythm, which allows sleeping at the same time each night and waking up feeling refreshed and energised. 3 It boosts productivity. When your mood improves, your physical energy improves. And when you sleep better, you work better. Natural light helps keep us awake and thinking clearly, ultimately improving focus and increasing productivity. E It helps save on energy costs. Lighting in Australian homes accounts for up to 15% of the average household electricity budget. With natural light, you can switch off electric lights in the daytime and make the most of the free light and energy the sun provides. 5 HOW TO MAXIMISE Natural Daylight Many homes are not built with it in mind. However, there are a few simple things you can do to significantly increase natural light in your home. Paint your interior walls and ceiling Trim any bushes, trees, and other with light colours to reflect natural climbing plants that may be blocking light back into your home and make the light through your windows. your space feel brighter. QUICK TIP: QUICK TIP: Use an off-white shade for a much Give your windows a thorough clean warmer effect. to let more light filter into your home. Use sheer curtains to create a calm Install skylights. They're far more and soft ambience. Choose light effective at providing natural light fabrics such as cotton, lace, compared to square skylights. gossamer, nylon, and rayon. QUICK TIP: QUICK TIP: Use shutters to control natural light Always choose solid aluminum shaft and privacy. over flexi duct for better, longer light. Natural light is essential to our health and wellbeing. At Solatube, we know we can help you bring just the right amount into your home. Visit SOLATUBE. to view our full range of daylighting solutions or talk to your local Solatube dealer today to discuss your daylighting needs.

Five Benefits of Natural Daylight

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Did you know staying indoors could be as harmful as staying outdoors? It is because staying indoors most of the time keeps you from getting the many health benefits of natural light. These benefits af...




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