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Fiction to Reality: Smart Tech Origin Stories

FICTION to REALITY SMART TECH ORIGIN STORIES Part of the appeal of science fiction is the opportunity to discover and explore the unknown. As time has progressed, however, what were once considered illogical tools and gadgets are rapidly becoming a reality. STAR TREK THE MOTHER OF SCIFI INVENTION The original Star Trek series aired in 1966, long before wireless phones were on the horizon. Yet many of the show's "futuristic" devices inspired very real technologies. FICTION THE COMMUNICATOR REALITY THE FLIP PHONE Communicators were handheld devices that transmitted data across interstellar distances, faster than the speed of light. In 1996, Motorola introduced the StarTAC, the first flip phone, which was directly inspired by the Communicator. FICTION THE PADD REALITY In Star Trek lore, the PADD (Persona Access Display Device) is a handheld THE TABLET touchscreen device. The device boasted a minimalistic interface with only one-two buttons. FICTION REALITY THE SCANADU SCOUT THE TRICORDER Tricorders were used as noninvasive bioscanners to read vital signs and conduct The Scanadu Scout, designed by Yves internal scans. Behar, comes with built-in sensors and a microphone to analyze, track, and read trends in your vital signs. It can measure... Heart rate Skin and core Oxygen saturation Blood Emotional body temperature pressure stress FICTION THE EARPIECE REALITY THE BLUETOOTH The earpiece worn by communications officer Lieutenant Uhura on the USS Enterprise was used to pick up transmissions over multiple subspace frequencies. Like the Bluetooth, it attached directly to the users ear and contained both speaker and microphone. OTHER FANTASTIC VISIONS FICTION PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS REALITY RAYTHEON LASER CLOSE-IN WEAPON SYSTEM CCIWS) The particle beam weapon ("lasers") were first envisioned by Arthur C. Clark in his 1955 novel Earthlight. Real laser beam technology was invented in 1960. The latest laser weaponry system is The Raytheon Laser CIWS. It uses a 50 kilowatt beam to fire at aircrafts, mortars, rockets, and small surface ships. FICTION HAL 4000 FROM 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY WATSON REALITY JEDPARDY! WATSON Watson was an IBM supercomputer built to compete on Jeopardy. Since dominating Jeopardy, Watson has been working to cure cancer and verify diagnoses. Watson has ingested 2 million pages of medical research and now understands medical language. $5000 > Watson 2.0 is being developed to read and interpret images such as x-rays. WATSON > Watson 3.0 is being developed to debate and reason like humans do. In the 2002 film adaptation of Philip K Dick's novel "The Minority Report," gesture interface technology and a heads up display were used as a part of "Precrime" prevention system. FICTION GESTURE INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY FROM MINORITY REPORT REALITY GESTURE INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY Director Steven Spielberg consulted 15 tech experts to think up technologies that would be developed by 204. Other technologies from the film that have been or are currently being developed include.. Multi-Touch Retina Insect Personalized Advertising Interfaces Scanners Robots E-papers FICTION THE JETPACK REALITY THE MARTIN P-12 The concept of the jetpack first emerged in science fiction in the 1920s. The first jetpack was actual designed in 1919, but was never built or tested. The current Martin Jetpack (on its 12th prototype) is capable of acheiving. 46 mph 30 minutes of flight on a full-tank of gas A distance of 20 miles A ceiling of 3,000 ft: FICTION IRON MAN REALITY TACTICAL ASSAULT LIGHT OPERATOR SUIT CTALOS) Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 in March 1963. The modern TALOS is an armored exoskeleton that enhances the operator's Tony Stark originally built a suit of powered armor to escape his kidnappers strength and endurance. Later incarnations of the suit added: A heads up display would provide situational diagnostics. Unfortunately, the suit will probably not be able to fly. Electromagnetic Pulse Generators Defensive Energy Shields Currently, 56 corporations, 16 government agencies, 13 universities, and 10 national laboratories are working together to C: Magnetic Fields develop the armor. Space Travel Capabilities "Basically I'm here to tell you we're building Iron Man. This has been a secret project we've been working on for a long time. Not really. Maybe. It's classified." -President Barack Obama SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY Tø p/2215 tp// dont be afraid of watson 2013- 10 http// imagined-the pad-23-yearsg tp//wwwtheergecom/201/2/m/sa2s/smitarysironmanamorbeready-fortesting by chetimes/ces-201 scanade sout-worlds-fist-medical-tricorder-is the-realmccay http://www.rpr.crg/blag/alltechcomidered/2011/0/os/20124ET/pecial-ops-emvisions-iron-man-ike-suit-to-protect-troops [0:

Fiction to Reality: Smart Tech Origin Stories

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Make connections between some fun, fiction technology with real-world, mechanisms. Here lie intelligent tech origin stories so you can bring your knowledge of SCIFI to modern technology!


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