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Felony v. Misdemeanor

Felony v. Misdemeanor: What's the Difference? At A Glance: Misdemeanor: Felony: Jail Time 93 days to 1 year years to life $500 to $1000 maximum Varies Fines with severity of crime Fines may be in addition to or instead of jail time Fines may be added to jail time Arrest NO YES Warrant? Your Life with a Maximum Sentence: When you commit a crime, you AND your family serve a sentence. If you had a child born on the day you were imprisoned, how old would he or she be before you were free and how much of their life would you miss? 93-Day Misdemeanor (Examples: DUI, 1st offense; assault & battery; embezzlement of less than $200O1 You miss: first smile, first laugh, parental recognition 3 months old 1-Year Misdemeanor (Examples: DUI, 2nd offense; petty larceny; shoplifting less than $1,0001 You miss: first solid food, first steps, first word 1 year old High-Court Misdemeanor, Class H & G Felonies (Examples: possession of analogues; domestic assault, 2nd offensel You miss: first game, first friend, first conversation 2 years old Class F Felony (Examples: possession of <5 kg of marijuana; credit card application fraud! You miss: Preschool vears, first tricycle, alphabet memorization 4 years old Class E Felony (Examples: Breaking & entering; carrying a weapon with unlawful intentl You miss: First year of kindergarten, first T-ball game, formative years 5 years old Class D Felony (Examples: Grand larceny, embezzlement, human trafficking) You miss: Most of elementary school; Cub or Junior Girl Scouts, sports 10 years old Class C Felony (Examples: Manslaughter, robberyl You miss: Entry into adulthood, first year of high school, first crush "WARNING: Without your guidance, your child may begin to repeat the mistakes that Ilead to your imprisonment during this period. 15 years old Class B Felony (Examples: Child abuse, 2nd offense; production of pornographyl You miss: High school graduation, relationship & career choices 20 years old Class A Felony (Examples: 1st & 2nd-degree murder; kidnapping; 1st-degree rapel You miss: Career, marriage, children & grandchildren, maturity LIFE If you've been accused of a crime or misdemeanor, you have a lot to lose. Seek legal counsel immediately to improve your chances of acquittal or a lighter sentance. Sentencing Factors: 1. Prior Record Prior high-severity felony convictions a Prior low-severity felony convictions Prior high-severity juvenile adjudications Prior low-severity juvenile adjudications Prior misdemeanors Relationship to criminal justice system Subsequent or concurrent felony convictons 2. Offense Variables Crimes against a person Crimes against property Crimes involving a controlled substance Crimes against public order a Crimes against public safety Crimes against public trust 3. crime Class A Offense class (misdemeanor, felony classes A-H) Attempted offense class "SPEC" offense class (variable maximums) Habitual offender class 4. Minimum Sentence Generally required before possibility of parole Parole granted only at discretion of the parole board Grabel & Associates

Felony v. Misdemeanor

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What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor and how do these they affect a convict's potential sentence? Learn how crimes stack up against Michigan law, from writing a bad check to first...


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