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Famous Gators

FAMOUS GATORS Although alligators and crocodiles are seemingly identical their primary differences lie in their stems and their teeth. However throughout history, famous gators and crocs have filled virtually the same character roles. Below are some of the most well known household names in Crocodilian history. *VIDEO GAMES+ KING K.ROOL FIRST APPEARED IN DONKEY KONG COUNTRY in 1994 Also appeared in the Club Nintendo comics and Donkey Kong television series Heis the ruler of the Kremlings and the main villain in His name is a pun on the word cruel Repeatedly tries to steal the Kong's Banana Hoard the Donkey Kong series His latest appearance was in Mario Super Sluggers in 2008 DR. WANI FIRST APPEARED IN ROGGER'S ADVENTURE:-THE RESCUE Heis extremely intelligent, more so than other crocs throughout the games Evil crocodile villain who owns a factory of mind control helmets from the mineral Crocodrite He is narcissistic and brags about his royal style Also known as TRIP Boss Appears the most in Frogger: Helmet Chaos SWAMPY, ALLIE AND CRANKY TRIO OF ALLIGATORS IN DISNEY'S WHERE'S MY WATER? Where's my Water?Won GAME OF THE YEAR award-winning puzzler in 2012 Swampy is the outcast: He enjoys showering which is unheard of by the other alligators Allie is a cute Cranky is the alpha male: he resent humans and is disgusted by Swampy's quirks lady alligator UELIUR KNUCKLE'S CHAOTIX in1995 Firstappeared in Is "head honcho" and brains of the Chaotix Detective Agency He has astrong sense of justice and kindness For the right price he is willing to take on most jobs unless they involve something immoral He enjoys singing and his trademark is a set of headphones Physically he is very strong and he uses his jaws as a weapon Firstappeared in TRUL EGEND OFTHE GOBBOSin1997 Also has a mom, dad and little brother Throughout the game he attempts to rescue the furry creatures known as Gobbos He is a single-toothed vegetarian Crocodile who was found in a river by the Gobbos ANIMATION BEN ALI GATOR A Appeared in Disney's FANTASIA 1940, in the segment "Dance of the Hours" Is a dancer Prince of the Has also been Alligators, who falls in love with Hyacinth Hippo featured in "Mickey's Magical Christmas and "House of Mouse" BRUTUS & NERO шШ Appeared in THE RES CUERS 1977 The 2 pets of “Madame They enjoy playing the pipe organ and eating mice They are mean and harmful Medusa's pets" GRETCHEN A character in CAMP LAZLO series She has long blonde hair and wears Acorn Flats uniform A girl scout alligator with an aggressive attitude LEATHERHEAD Character in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES series 1988 He is a mutant alligator that was mutated from Lived with the Turtles in their home after meeting them in the sewers Has enhanced speed and strength sewage TICK-TOCK First appeared in PETER PAN 1953 film His goal is to eat Captain Hook He is a sly, scheming, aggressive and playful gigantic saltwater crocodile Swallowed Captain Hook's hand and an alarm clock Other appearances include films "Return to Neverland", "Goliath II" and "Mickey's House of Villains" as well as televisionshows "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", "TaleSpin", "Darkwing Duck" and many more ROGER o First appeared in the film HAUNTED HABITAT A sewer alligator, from Tampa Bay, Florida who becomes a Central Park Zoo resident When he was little he was flushed down the toilet and ended up in New York City Has appeared in many other films like Gator Watch, Best Foes, and Roger Dodger COMICS Da Brudderhood of Zeeba Zeeba Eata From the PEARLS BEFORE SWINE comic strip launched in 2001 in the Orlando Sentinel Were a fraternity of crocodiles They are main antagonists and villains of the strip Killer Croc Was born as Waylon Jones First appeared in BATMAN ISSUE #357 in March 1983 He is a criminal and nemesis of Batman Has superhuman strength Was born with an extreme form of the medical condition Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis causing his appearance to develop into that of a crocodile PARA Albert Alligator Famed alligator of POGO COMIC BOOKS Appeared in 99 issues of Pogo He was always hungry and he smoked a lot of cigars There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for Pogo MASCOTS AL SAN FRANCISCO STATE used to have a living gator as its football mascot in the 60s Would pay visits to SF State once or twice a year Wouldwear a jersey during his visits 11 He usually lived at the Steinhart Aquarium Al was the father of a dozen or so eggs The official mascots of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida ALBERT AND ALBERTA GATOR Costumed in plush, they are anthropomorphic representations of American alligators Albert became Alberta joined in 1970 the mascot in 1970 1984 1984 They often appear as a couple Albertwas featured in a "This is SportsCenter" commercial in early 2006 Sports Illustrated ranked Albert #1 mascot in 2007 FOLKLORE AND MYTHS SOBEK • Crocodile-headed god from ANCIENT EGYPT • Is associated with the Nile Crocodile • Represents power, protection, and fertility • Especially protective against dangers of the Nile River • Was violent and erratic SANG BUAYA • Crocodile from MALAYSIAN FOLKLORE "Story of Mouse-Deer and Crocodile" • Also appeared in Indonesian show Sang Kancil Mengira Buaya • Tried to not let the mouse-deer Sang Kancil cross the river • Mouse-deer was very smart and tricked him into letting him and the other animals pass • Wanted to eat Sang Kancil Conclusion Whether it is alligators or crocodiles, crocodilians have always been important characters in many genres of entertainment. The Famous Gators Hall of Fame will continue to grow in years to come. SOURCES Website Hosting Alberta the_Crocodile

Famous Gators

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When it comes to gators that are in the public eye, it turns out that Snappy is in some pretty good company. From video games, comic books, cartoons and more; turns out, there’s quite a few well-kn...




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