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Facts About Glass

FACTS ABOUT GLASS Ansient Hietery Oooh, I can see right trọugh that thingy! Wunderbar! The word 'Glass' comes from the late Roman Empire. It was in the Roman glassmaking center at Trier, now in modern Germany, that the late-Latin term glesum originated, probably from a Germanic word for a transparent, lustrous substance. The Big Bang -14 Billion Years ago 300C BC The history of glassmaking can be tracked down to ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). Scientists believe the first glass piece was produced around 3500 BC. 100C BC 50C BC 35C BC 20с вс 10C BC |5с вс |1с вс *Jesus Christ is bom. O year Glass was used in the cultures of 1C AD Mesopotamians, Ancient Egyptians and Syrians, but it wasn't until the 1 Century AD that the Romans mastered the glass crafting and spread it all over their empire. 2C AD 3C AD 4C AD 5C AD 6C AD 7C AD Persian chemist Jābir ibn Hạyyān described 46 recipes for producing colored glass in Kitab al-Durra al-Maknuna 8C AD 9C AD 10C AD 12C AD 15C AD The first glass factory in the United States was built in 17C AD Jamestown, Virginia in 1608 18C AD 19C AD 20C AD 21C AD Present Day Uhos is's mode ef_ Silica 81% The standard glass used for windows or bottles: . Boric Oxide 12% nl. Soda 4.5% n Alumina 2% Mt. Other Additives 0.5% For the Chemical Nerds, this is the amorphous structure of glassy silica Si=02 Glass can be recycled indefinitely and not losé its quality. A Bit of Stalistics Glass Bottles Glasses Windows Many others On average every family uses 330 glass bottles and jars every year. Recycling 2 bottles saves enough energy to boil water for five or cups of tea or power a computer for 50 minutes 50 min 100 П 75 61% 50.... 25 Recycle Rate of Europe by Countries Shiny. Window SOURCES: Wikipedia, duh . CLEANING UGOROKAMA

Facts About Glass

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A quick go-trough the history of glass, elements that glass is made of and some statistics


glass facts


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