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Exercises for Older Adults and Those with Limited Mobility

shapemaster power assisted exercise Exercises for older adults and those with limited mobility Regular exercise for everyone, including elderly adults with limited mobility, offers great benefits. These include improving self-esteem, relieving stress and helping to reduce depression. Although mobility issues can bring many obstacles, these challenges can be overcome through a variety of seated chair exercises that support different muscle groups in the body. Exercises Below is an overview of some of the different exercises that can be beneficial to older adults with limited mobility. Seated Row Seated Tummy Twist Older adults sit on the edge of a chair and the upper back and chest muscles are worked by While holding a ball with both hands in a seated position, slowly rotate the holding the arms out to torso to the left as far as the front with elbows bent and thumbs pointing towards the ceiling. Elbows should be pulled comfortable, keeping the rest of the body still. Return to centre, and then rotate back, squeezing shoulder blades together. right. This exercise helps to work the core body muscles. Overhead Arm Raises Inner Thigh Squeeze Holding 1-pound weights in outstretched arms With a straight, seated posture and a ball pressed between both knees, while seated on a chair, pressure is applied to squeeze the ball. Hold for 1-2 seconds. This exercise the older adult raises their arms above their head. The arms are then returned to shoulder level. will help to strengthen thigh muscles. This exercise can help with shoulder and arm strengthening. Knee Lifts Power Assisted Exercise By slowly lifting an outstretched leg toward the chest, older adults will Power Assisted Exercise technology provides a "helping hand' in a low impact, full-body workout. It allows older adults to exercise without needing strengthen muscles in the legs, hips and stomach. Legs should be alternated while in a seated position with to provide the motive straight posture. force to overcome inertia. Shapemaster Shapemaster is a British manufacturer of power assisted exercise equipment, which enables older adults and those living with long term health conditions to exercise ely and regularly in leisure centres across the UK. Our passive exercise equipment includes: Ab Pullover Tummy Crunch Seated Climber • Improve strength & • Tightens the • Improved shoulder mobility for reaching activities abdominal muscles abdominal muscles • Improve balance • Stretch the shoulder & chest • Reduce age related • Improves posture · Helps prevent back pain • Improved shoulder control to prevent injury • Increased hip strength and mobility • Improvement to walking and stair clinmbing • Increased aerobic fitness • Improves balance Strengthens the hip changes to posture • Strengthen the hip flexors for stepping Flys & Thighs Tricep Dip and Leg Curl • Improve upright posture • Improve balance • Improves sit to stand activities • Increase shoulder · Enhanced mobility and balance flexibility • Increases leg and arm strength • Improve hip strength and flexibility • Improves aerobic stamina • Improvement to walking and stair climbing • Improvement to walking For more details about the range of exercise equipment for elderly people that Shapemaster have available please visit shapemaster T|01484 667 474 El power assisted exercise Shapemaster Global Ltd 3 Queens Square Business Park, Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, HD9 6QZ

Exercises for Older Adults and Those with Limited Mobility

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This infographic is an overview which includes several different exercises that can be beneficial to older adults with limited mobility.


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