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Evolution of the van infographic

direct line for business Evolution of the van From Del Boy's yellow Reliant three wheeler to the iconic white Transit, vans are an integral part of British culture, essential to our business economy. 1894 1910 The first four wheeled Hounsfield built his first motorised vehicle believed prototype vehicle. Later launched as the Trojan van in 1924. (2) to run on a British road. (1) 1919 1917 Crossley refitted ambulances left over from the First World Ford Model T Van sold as a chassis, giving business 20bhp to help move goods. (4) War with van or truck bodies. (3) 1924 1947 Ford Model T available with a Dutch importer Ben Pon factory produced van body. (5) sketches what would become the VW Transporter. (6) 1960 1949 Commer van launched with a three quarter tonne payload and 1494cc engine. (7) Morris J-type becomes a familiar sight on the roads, used by the Post Office. (8) 1960 1965 Britain's favourite small car, the First MK1 Ford Transit van in UK Morris Mini, gets a van body kit a in a range of body styles year after launching as a car. (9) including pick up and panel. (10) 1987 1986 Mercedes Benz develops the First MK3 Ford Transit – for some, world's first driverless van, the ultimate 'white van'. (12) which achieved speeds up to 100km/h. (11) 1991 2002 First Turbo Diesel option for 210bhp VW Caddy van became the first racing van. (14) the Ford Transit available. (13) 2015 2013 Ford Transit continues to Renault Twizy Cargo electric van launched with space for a dominate the van market and wins 'Auto Express' van of the year. (15) driver and a 180l volume cargo box. (16) 2015 Mercedes V-Class plug-in hybrid concept van unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. (17) The future? With so many vans covering so many miles on UK roads every year, the drive for more eco friendly and cost effective fleet options is the future. Several firms, including Peugeot and Renault already offer 100% electric vans, promising low running costs and no exhaust or noise pollution. The largest e-van currently available is the Nissan e-NV200 770kg payload 106 miles rating 4 hours to charge (18) Some random facts about vans Vans registered in the UK 67% increase 3.57 The increase in the million number of vans registered in the UK between 1994 and 2.14 2014. (19) million Every 10th vehicle on the road is a light commercial vehicle. (20) 1994 2014 Popular choice Bursting bus Used by everyone from the police to your local electrician, the Ford Transit is the ultimate do it all van. Most people crammed into a VW Campervan (classic model) (22) 20% market share. In 2013 the Ford Transit was Speedy delivery the third biggest selling Ford in the UK with 72,238 commercial vehicles sold. The Ford Supervan 2, powered with a Ford-Cosworth Stop me and buy one engine (a version of the engine used in Formula 1) hit 174mph on the track at Silverton in 1984. (24) In the 1960s there were over 30,000 ice cream vans in the UK. Now there are around 5,000 (23) The first racing van In 2002 VW launched the first racing van with their 210bhp Caddy. In 2010 the VW engineers took a bare shell and created a purpose built racer the generation 2 Caddy, achieving 300bhp from a 2.0 TDi engine. (25) direct Van Insurance GET A QUOTE ONLINE Whether you're a Tradesman relying on your workhorse to get the job done or a weekend van driving passion seeker, Direct Line for Business has a Van Insurance policy that will direct line for business keep you on the road. 2. 3.<emid=1 4. 5.<emid=1 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 1. 50

Evolution of the van infographic

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The van is an essential part of British culture, but how have they changed over the years? Find out with Direct Line for Business. From Del Boy's yellow Reliant three wheeler to the iconic white Trans...


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