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Evolution Of The Swing Set And Playgrounds

Children have played with swinging tools since the dark ages. These swings were made of wood and suspended by ropes on either side, most often hung as a single swing from a tree. The Evolution of the Swing Set and Playgrounds Woman sitting on a swing. Hagia Triada, Late New Palace period (1450-1300 B.C.), Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Crete. Artifacts depicting the use of swings in ancient Greece have been found and dated back to approximately 1300 B.C. Swings remained in this simple form for centuries, as shown by paintings through the 170os. The Srwing by Nicolas Lancret, 1735 (detail) The modern swing set came into the existence with the creation of America's first playground, located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, in 1887. e [VAN KAR sene en op For the first time, swings were attached not from a tree branch, but from a support structure all their own. These new swings were set in pairs; hence, the term 'swing set'. The swing has long been used as a symbol of youth and romance. Later, during the Great Depression (c. 1933), playgrounds were built by the Work Progress Administration (WPA) not only for the enjoyment of children, but to create jobs for unemployed Americans. New child labor laws of the day also helped to fill these new playgrounds and reduced the number of children working in unsafe conditions. After WWII, which largely halted the development of new playgrounds, new families filled the suburbs and everybody wanted a swing set in their backyard. an fr lten. Gmtei a Adventure playgrounds, first introduced in 1943, were short lived in the U.S., but sought to provide children with the opportunity to interact freely and use their imagination. Greenwood Playground, Mt. Greenwood Park, Chicago, IL. I The first "junk playground", an early version of the adventure playground, was opened in Emdrup, Denmark in 1943. I The Handicapped Adventure Playground Association (HAPA) was established in 1966 and helped to develop adventure playgrounds for handicapped children; the first of which was built in 1970. I Adventure playgrounds spread throughout Europe and were well received in Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France. The organization is currently called Kidactive. 1 Currently, there are about adventure 1,000 playgrounds in Europe 400 of which are in Germany. Concerns over safety led to increased APPROPRIATE SURFACES: regulations, including the use of safer building materials and better protective surfaces on playgrounds. Engineered wood fiber Реа Sand gravel Soft playing surfaces and coated metal has made home playgrounds the safest way to play in the backyard. Recycled rubber mulch Wood Wood mulch chips INAPPROPRIATE SURFACES: Asphalt Dirt Concrete Grass Today, millions of children enjoy both public and private playgrounds that are safer and more creative than ever before. Sources: AAA STATE OF PLAY

Evolution Of The Swing Set And Playgrounds

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How did the modern playground start? Believe it or not, you can thank the swing! This infographic will walk you through the evolution from swings to playgrounds.


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