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The Evolution of Eyeglasses

The Eyevolution of Glasses: EYEGLASSES XXXX Through the Ages If you've thought about the history of eyeglasses at all, you may have assumed that they're a fairly modern invention. In fact, they're actually quite ancient. The first known use of glass to improve vision was in the Roman Empire, during a sporting event. This spawned over 2,000 years of innovation and invention that would help spectators better see, and enjoy, their favorite pastimes. 54-68 ID. O Roman emperor Nero is spotted using a gem to watch the gladiator games. 5 First well-documented use of glass or crystal to aid vision. However, it took about 1,200 years for eyeglasses to appear on the scene. Mid to Late 1200s 5 An Italian lay-person creates the first pair of spectacles. Ɔ Used primarily by monks and scholars working with ancient manuscripts, who didn't have much time for sporting events. Mid 1300s 5 Riveted spectacles are introduced. 5 The V-shape of the frames allows them to be balanced on the bridge of the nose. 5 Helpful to the nearsighted aristocrat attending the popular new game of croquet. 1452 5 The invention of the Guggenh press makes books available to the masses. ALE 5 For the first time, the less wealthy are wearing glasses, mounted on leather or wood and sold by street vendors. Early 1600s 5 The rigid nose bridge appears on the scene. 5 Balance is achieved easier with this new style. ɔ Very convenient for watching one of Mr. Shakespeare's new plays. Mid to Late 1700s 5 Ben Franklin comes up with the concept of bifocals. 5 Famous people such as George Washington and Napoleon make quizzing glasses and stem glasses high fashion. The first temple glasses are invented and are the ancestors of our modern-day frames. Early 1800s 5 Thomas Jefferson becomes the first U.SPresident to order a pair of eyeglasses made. 5 Meanwhile, the first lenses to correct astigmatism are imported. Just in time for folks to check out the new sport of "Base Ball." Early 19 00s The start of World War I cuts off America's supply of ophthalmic glass. Thus begins the company of Bausch & Lomb. 5 Movies (and later, television) create a huge demand for distance -seeing eyeglasses, but Ben Franklin's small, round frames are still in style. Mid 1900s 5 In the 1940s, acrylic lenses pave the way for the plastic lenses of today. In the 1950s, eyeglass fashion hits a new peak. 5 The ladies cheering on Elvis prefer the cat's-eye frames, while men favor thick, black rectangular frames. Their grandchildren will wear the same frames and call themselves hipsters. 1962 5 The first lightweight plastic lens is manufactured. 人 A 人 5 Just in time for people to get a good look at The Beatles. 1970 5 Plastic frames overtake metal as the material of choice. Bigger is better, as huge frames in round or square shapes become the most popular style. 5 "Saturday Night Live" changes late-night television and the coolest viewers are wearing the biggest frames. 1980s 5 In 1987, Optima introduces the newest polycarbonate lens- thin and distortion free. 5 Wearers say goodbye to coke-bottle lenses and hello to Foster Grants and the Space Shuttle. 1990s-Present The going eco-sensitivity of consumers leads to the creation of glasses made of sustainable or recycled materials. 5 Perfect for hipsters who want to wear the same glasses as their grandparents, while still being environmentally responsible. O British Professor Joshua Silver designs "adaptive" glasses that can be adjusted depending on wearer's needs. 5 Tiny amounts of fluid are added or removed from the lens to adjust the lenses. 5 His goal is to reach 100 million people a year, with a target of 1 billion in total by 2020. 5 His invention will allow for millions in developing countries to get the eye care they require. SourcesS: MEZZMER

The Evolution of Eyeglasses

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An examination of the technological innovation related to eyeglasses and eyesite over the generations.




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