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The Era of Visual Mediation

THE ERA OF VISUAL MEDIATION {WHY YOU NEED INFOGRAPHICS} Due to the overload of data with the Internet, the understanding of information is no longer being accomplished through words alone but through the facilitation of visuals. VISUALLY WIRED Since the early days of civilization, images have ruled as a way of communication. Egyptian hieroglyphs in 3000BC formed language through graphic symbols. Humans are genetically wired to respond differently to visuals because from early development years, children master visual skills before they develop verbal skills. WORDS sequential processing THIRTY FIVE MINUTES AFTER TWO O'CLOCK PROCESSED BY SHORT-TERM MEMORY VS VISUALS PROCESSED BY simultaneous processing LONG-TERM MEMORY II|| The psychologist Jerome Bruner (New York University) has described studies on the power & impact of visual communication as follows: 83% OF LEARNING OCCURS 10% 20% 80% VISUALLY RETENTION RETENTION RETENTION HEARING READING SEEING WHY VISUALS MATTER RETENTION Retention of information 3 days after a meeting is 6 times greater when information is presented by visual and oral means than when presented by the spoken word alone. 6X GREATER PRESENTATIONS WITH VISUALS NO VISUALS PRESENTERS USING VISUAL AIDS 2X AS LIKELY TO BE MORE PERSUASIVE 67% 33% TEXT+VISUALS TEXT THIT TTTTTTTTÛÛÛÛTTTTÛTÛ 45% WEB USERS CLICK ON A LINK IF IT FEATURES INFOGRAPHICS 12% 30% AVERAGE INCREASE IN WILL FORWARD IT TRAFFIC HOW INFOGRAPHICS BENEFIT BUSINESSES Create order out of chaoS Help audience understand complex data and data overload Simplify and empower communication faster Target specific audience & user groups Gather insights from mapping & visualizing data Build links, drive traffic & increase SEO rankings THE INFOGRAPHIC JOURNEY 1 GATHER DATA : research & collect information 2 CURATE : filter most relevant information 3 STRUCTURE : organize information that tells a story 4 FRAMEWORK : define an underlying concept 5 LAYOUT : design an initial wireframe 6 DESIGN : implement design elements "EXCELLENT VISUALIZATIONS ARE THOSE THAT GIVE THE VIEWER THE GREATEST NUMBER OF IDEAS IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME, WITH THE LEAST INK AND IN THE SMALLEST SPACE." - Edward Tufte, author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. SOURCES EDWARD TUFTE, “ THE VISUAL DISPLAY OF QUANTITATIVE INFORMATION", 1983 MIKE PARKINSON, "DO-IT-YOURSELF BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS GRAPHICS," DECEMBER 2007 PAUL MARTIN LESTER, “SYNTACTIC THEORY OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION," CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY AT FULLERTON, 1994–1996 PRESENTING EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS WITH VISUAL AIDS," U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, OSHA OFFICE OF TRAINING AND EDUCATION, MAY 1996 BRIAN SUDA, “A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DESIGNING WITH DATA", AUGUST 2010 HTTP://BLOG.HUBSPOT.COM/BLOG/TABID/6307/BID/33423/19-REASONS-YOU-SHOULD-INCLUDE-VISUAL-CONTENT-IN-YOUR-MARKETING-DATA.ASPX HTTP://WWW.PRACTICALECOMMERCE.COM/ARTICLES/3836-THE-SEO-BENEFIT-OF-INFOGRAPHICS HTTP://WWW.BILLIONDOLLARGRAPHICS.COM/INFOGRAPHICS.HTML HTTP://WWW.JEFFBULLAS.COM/2012/03/07/9-AWESOME-REASONS-TO-USE-INFOGRAPHICS-IN-YOUR-CONTENT-MARKETING/ wwW.INFOGRAPHIC.LY INFORMATION DESIGN CONTENT STRATEGY A.

The Era of Visual Mediation

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If you’ve ever been bored and lost focus during a visual-less presentation, you’re not alone. We are visually wired to understand information faster and better through images than text. In this in...



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