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Driving Down Your Expenses By Going Green

Drive Down Your Expenses By Going Green Green Driving Tips That Help Your Wallet Get a tune-up for the environment : Fixing a serious problem like a malfunctioning oxygen sensor can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 40 percent. Pay attention to your tires: Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) can improve fuel efficiency by 1.5 to 4.5 percent. Lose the junk in the trunk: A hundred pounds equals about a 2 percent reduction in gas mileage, so lose that junk in the trunk. Update your Oil: The lighter the weight of oil is such as oW20 or oW30, the easier the engine will start in cold weather and increase car's fuel efficiency. Drive Gently: Every car has an optimal range for fuel economy, generally from about 25 to 65 mph. For every 5 mph over this range that you drive, you're reducing fuel efficiency by about 7 percent. Be eco-friendly, even when parked: Park in the shade when possible. By doing so, you'll reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your car when you start driving. Electric Car Myths Electric cars overload the grid. They're no cleaner than gas-fueled cars because they're charged on a coal-fired grid. It doesn't make sense to use solar with an electric car because most people will charge cars at night when the panels aren’t producing energy. Pros Cons Less parts, low maintenance cost X Take several hours to charge Can be charged at home X Increases in demand for electricity No pollution from the tailpipe * Less roadway noise can be a hazard to pedestrians Save S788/year on Gas by driving the hybrid Save $298 billion per year. Save 74 billion of Reduce 715 million tons of CO2 gas per year CO2 pollution per year Hurdle Oil Companies: Financed campaigns to kill utility efforts to build a public car charging stations. Car Companies: Focused mainly on immediately profitable vehicles (usually gas-powered). US Consumer: Lack of knowledge about availability of electric car. Batteries: Oil and auto industries claim batteries cant provide long enough drives. US Government: Failed to make meaningful mileage standards changes. Sources: %24

Driving Down Your Expenses By Going Green

shared by TheHartford on Feb 03
Did you know that taking environment friendly approaches to driving could help save money? Well, it can. It’s time to Go Green with your cars as well!


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