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Doomsday: Would You Survive?

THE END IS NEAR: DOOMSDAY ULD WOULD YOU SURVIVE? WATER FOOD 55% 200 needs of Americans have less than a 3-day supply of food in their homes gallons of water ONE YEAR PLAN: build a prepper's pantry 2,220 calories per day per person for 1 year person to survive one year Fats & Oils: Sugar: 60 Ibs. ONE YE AR PLAN: 20 Ibs. 5,302 water bottles per person Dairy (dried milk): 75 Ibs. Meat (protein): 20 Ibs. (16.9 fl oz) SCARC E LUXURIES items with replenishment issues Fruits & Vegetables: 90 Ibs. guns/ Beans & Legumes: medicine ammo 90 Ibs. OATS SALT Grains: -gasoline 400 Ibs. oats, rice, whole wheat OMSA OATS S coffee LONG TERM SOLUTION; FARMING FOOD: GROW YOUR OWN WATER: metal & tile roofs provide best water quality Produce Growing Zones (4 Firet Freeze Laet Freeze Date Zone Date July 30 July 15 August 15 Sept. 1 Sept. 15 Oct. 1 Oct. 15 Oct. 30 June 15 May 30 rainfall barrels May 15 April 15 March 15 Nov. 15 February 1 Nov. 30 10 Rare Dec. 15 relocate- access to fresh running water 10 LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT Livestock Management Legend Space NO CATTLE CHICKENS Food LOTS free range/ small roost Maturity rate require 12-14 lbs. of grain/grass per day seeds or kernels Benefits: slow fast Eggs RABBITS GOATS FISH small fence free range & medium protective fence pond grass Benefits: Furs, nearly anything self-sufficient fast High reproduction Benefits: Furs, Benefits: Low maintenance rate medium fast Goat milk High reproduction rate SECURITY What professions would be the most valuable in a post-apocalyptic world? (Reddit) PERSON AL SKILLS Learn to heal: Personal equipment: Take EMT courses to learn about: preventing infection, CPR, tourniquets, setting limbs, etc. Body armor for head, eyes & chest Other equipment: blade, pistol, rifle w/scope, night vision goggles, bow & arrow Medical .Professional Take Distillery classes: hard alcohokcan help prevent infection and increase pain tolerance 2. Engineer Get fit: 3. Soldier 31 Learn to hit: any martial art will do Farmer of Americans reported they did not exercise on any day in the given week RILA Fisherman Learn to build/repair: Gunsmith Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity to learn about structurally sound building techniques Wilderness Survival Expert 8. Team bonus Prostitute Listening & Observation Posts (LPOPS): set up LPOPS to be carefully concealed, ideally in wooded areas Communications: Smoke, light, or sound warning signals Two-way radios 9. Defense obstacles: Dentist Roadblocks Fence/ Walls around compound 10.- Leatherworker Pikes ARE YOU READY? Presented by: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL Sources: Article.jsp DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING

Doomsday: Would You Survive?

shared by NowSourcing on Mar 12
If a natural disaster were to knock out power for 3 weeks, would you be able to survive?


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