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The Doomsday That Never Comes

THE DOOMSDAY THAT NEVER COMES DOOMSDAY PREPPERS HAVE SPENT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PREPARING FOR THE END OF THE WORLD ON DECEMBER(21, 2012, 41 With so many failed predictions, there's reason to believe they're only risking bankruptcy when the world's still here on December 22, 2012. DECEMBER 21, 2012: WHY IT WONT BE THE END 1 MAYANS BELIEVE TIME RUNS IN CYCLES. DECEMBER 21, 2012 marks the end of a cycle. DECEMBER 21 The Earth will be re-born when the new cycle starts. SOME BELIEVE A GALACTIC ALIGNMENT OCCURRING ONCE EVERY 26,00O YEARS WILL END THE WORLD. National Aeronautics and NO ALIGNMENTS WILL Space Administration (NASA) experts say BE OUT OF THE ORDINARY. AN ALIGNMENT OCCURS EVERY WINTER SOLSTICE ON OR AROUND DECEMBER 21. OTHERS BELIEVE A "PLANET X" IS ON NASA experts say no object is out there. ITS WAY TO COLLIDE WITH EARTH. NASA experts say solar flares are not following the typical 11-year cycle. Solar flares aren't expected to have any impact in 2012. STILL OTHERS SAY SOLAR FLARES WILL CAUSE OUR DEMISE. Judgement Day May 21, 2011 HAROLD CÂMPING ...Cry mightily unto God HAROLD CAMPING HAS BEEN PREDICTING THE END OF THE WORLD SINCE 1978. HE FAILED TWICE IN 2014. MAY 21. 2011: A MASSIVE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN WITH BILLBOARDS DREW IN FOLLOWERS. Many followers spent their life savings in preparation. NOTHING HAPPENED. OCTOBER 21 October 21, 2011: NOTHING HAPPENED. He changed his He claimed prediction to his math was October 21, 2011. wrong. Y2K: DECEMBER 31, 1999/JANYARY 1, 2000 (4 MANY BELIEVED A PROGRAMMING ERROR WOULD CAUSE COMPUTERS TO "ROLL BACK" THEIR DATES TO 1900 INSTEAD OF MOVING AHEAD TO 200. CNN reported a potential milk shortage due to farming equipment failure. There were DEC 31ST 1999 warnings of NUCLEAR WAR. 23:59:59 Hysteria didn't reach the expected level. Computers survived the change of date with little issue. NOTHING HAPPENED. NOSTRADAMUS: JULY 1999 MANY OF THEM NOSTRADAMUS IS HAVE BEEN TIED FAMOUS FOR HIS TO HISTORIC PREDICTIONS, EVENTS. He predicted a “KING OF TERROR" would descend to Many suspect this prediction spoke of a meteor. Earth in July 1999. NOTHING HAPPENED. DECEMBER 21, 1954 ") HOUSEWIFE DOROTHY MARTIN CLAIMED ALIENS FROM THE PLANET CLARION SPOKE TO HER. THE ALIENS TOLD HER CATACLYSMIC FLOODING WOULD BEGIN ON DECEMBER 21, 1954. NOTHING HAPPENED. She formed a cult: THE SEEKERS. The cult gathered for the mothership to come save them. DOROTHY CLAIMED THE GROUP CONVINCED THE "GOD OF DISBANDED. EARTH" TO SPARE THE PLANET. HALLEY'S COMET: 1910 (4) ASTRONOMERS PREDICTED THE EARTH WOULD PASS THROUGH THE COMET'S TAIL. Tabloids reported the comet would Mass Entrepreneurs sold "COMET PROTECTION" hysteria ensued. RELEASE A NOXIOUS products. GAS OVER THE PLANET. NOTHING HAPPENED. SOURCE: Ttotalbankruptcy" [1]

The Doomsday That Never Comes

shared by Amcoffey on Dec 21
Some Doomsday preppers spend extraordinary amounts of money preparing for the end of the world. One man in Australia spent over $350,000 on a plot of land to build a house and bunker 1,500 feet above ...


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