Do You Spend Enough *Quality* Time With Your Family?

ARE WE SPENDING ENOUGH QUALITY TIME WITH OUR FAMILIES? We asked 500 UK adults and 500 US adults if they feel they spend enough quality time with their families... NO YES 66% NO 55.8% YES 55.8% of UK adults think they do, as do more than two thirds (66%) of US adults. Sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, the numbers just don't add up... TIME WE SPEND ON THE INTERNET (DAILY) Between 2005 and 2015 our internet use doubled. 2005 9.9hrs a week 2015 21.6hrs a week We're now spending an average of 13.4 hours a week at home browsing the internet – equivalent to a daily total of: 1 hr 54 mins TIME WE SPEND WATCHING TV (DAILY) 3hrs 4hrs 55m 43m TIME WE SPEND USING TECH (DAILY) zhrs 47mins 25m C... In total, approximately: 8 hrs 41 mins of our days are consumed by texting, talking, typing, gaming, listening or watching which is more time than we spend asleep! HOW DO WE SPEND OUR DAY? USING TECH CLEANING 124hr Mark 1hr TOTAL 26.7hrs TOTAL ! 24.7hrs 1hr WORKING COMMUTING 8hrs 41mins So, if we're doing all of this, how are we able to spend quality time with our families? FYI: watching TV "together" doesn't count - especially if like more than 80% of us, you check your smartphone at the same time. WHAT ABOUT WEEKENDS? And if you're thinking "what about the weekend?" the stats show little difference in how we use our free time. A study showed that parents typically spend just 3 hours with their children over the 2-day break while over 60% of parents said that when they do get together, "it's normally spent in silence in front of the TV, at the cinema, playing computer games or glued to a mobile or tablet." IN FACT... If you were hoping to spend more than a couple of hours of quality time with your family - you'd need a 30-hour day! 15 14 13 12 3 11 4 10 6. 8 7 WANT TO SPEND MORE QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY? problem Choose activities they Make a point of enjoy over activities you enjoy. eating dinner together at the table. Make family days out (and date nights) a regular event. Read to your children at bedtime. BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL.. Get the family to work together on housework and simple DIY tasks. .Implement a total ban on smartphones during family time. SOURCES:,,,,,,,,,,,, Stormclad The Home of Improvements П 8hrs 41mins WORKING 9hrs 24mins USING TECH COMMUTING 52mins CLEANING SLEEPING 6hrs 48mins 7hrs 28mins 55mins SLEEPING 6hrs 35mins

Do You Spend Enough *Quality* Time With Your Family?

shared by RFox91 on Apr 20
If you have a full-time job, chances are you spend more time with your colleagues than you do wit your family. So, we should value the time with our family, however, do we? This infographic shows us h...




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