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Do Musicians Really Benefit from Digital Music Streaming Services?

Do Musicians Really Benefil from Digilal Music Streaming Services? I Don't Care Digital music has revolutionized the industry. From iTunes to online radio, we now discover and listen to music in a totally different way. What does this mean for artists loday? THE BENEFITS OF MUSIC STREAMING SERVICES FOR THE FANS FOR THE MUSICIANS FREE Free Music Exposure to New Audiences Countless Songs Sell Albums Royalties per The Chance To Discover New Music Stream Can Artists Actually Make Money per Stream? MUSIC STREAMING SERVICES AND ARTISTS We're listening to more music online than ever. 34% 444% In 2012, digital music accounted for 34% (S5.6 billion) of global music revenues Paying subscribers increased by 44% to 20 million people worldwide o music streaming services Legend: How much does it What does an artist need to get on the site? What will an artist How much will they get if someone buys their songs? cost for listeners? get paid each time their song is played? Free; subscription is $3.99-9.99/month s0.0012 per stream 0.00s 0.015 025 SLACKER Through The Orchard, 70 cents out of 99 cents Must work with third-party distributors The Orchard, IRIS, INgrooves, or Redeye 0 000000000 *70% of el all net income $25/year $0.0013 (suggested)" 0.002s 0.00s 0.007s Through iTunes, 70 cents out of 99 iTunes Radio Have your work already in the iTunes Music Store catalogue O 00000 0000 "Apple suggesth a payrate of S0.0013 but does not have immediate plans to begin compensating independent ertists for plays Free; subscription is $5 or $10/month 40 S0.001-$0.005 per stream 0.0075 25 Must work with a third-party oggregator such as CD-Baby, Reverb Nation, The Orchard Il profits) (who keep 9%-30% of all Spotify recently removed their download store from all countries Spotify Free; subscription is € 4.99 - 9.99/month (about s6.74 - $13.5) $0.0081 per stream DEEZER 0.00s 0os 00125 0.05 0.25 Must work with a third-party distributor No data available "Deeser is currently not available in the US $4.99-17.99 Less than $0.01 per stream" rdio 0.00s 0.00s 0.007s 0.15 Must work with a third-party distributor such as CDBaby (who takes 9% of all profits) No data available "Rdin aho pays based on how many subscribes an artist has, paying S10 for each referred fan Free; no-ad service costs $36/year. $0.0012 per stream 0.00s 0.015 25 PANDORA Through Amazon, 69 cents out of 99 O 000000000 A CD with a UPC code available on sale from Amazon "Approximate average payouts $0.21 per stream arena 0.002s 0.012s Through 101, earn 99 cents out of 99 (0, 000000000 Must work with Arena's partner distributor, 101 Distribution "Opted-in artists can eam the high streaming rate for 3 songs per album, all other songs pay 1 cent per stream Payout per 1,000 streams comparison chart $1.20 $1.20 $1.30 00000 $1.00-$5.00 HDEEZER 90900000 $8.10 rdio 0000000000 < $10.00 arena $210 How does this translate to royallies for the artist? The industry average is To make S0.99, an artist's song has to be streamed So, to survive on Ramen for a month, an artist's songs has to be streamed s.00217 456 36,866 per play times At the same time, most of the major streamings sites, like Pandora and Spotify, are losing money every quarter THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS IN TRANSITION: LET'S MAKE SURE TALENTED ARTISTS ARE RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR WORK! SOURCES Brought to you by: GRYFFIN MEDIA *At $19.90 for a pack of 24. The other band members can stay at mom's or starve

Do Musicians Really Benefit from Digital Music Streaming Services?

shared by gryffin on Apr 09
Music streaming has made stars out of musicians who might have otherwise not had a platform to spread their music - but does this fame bounce back on the musicians in order for them to benefit from th...


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