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Divorce In The United States of America

Divorce in the United States of America 2,400 divorces a day For every 36 seconds, there is one divorce in the US .and that's about 16,800 divorces a week 41% of marriages in the US end up in divorce. 60% of people who marry a second time end up getting divorced and 70% of third marriages are also believed to end in a divorce 876,000 1st Marriage 2nd Marriage 3rd Marriage divorces a year 41% 60% 70% In the US, the average length of a marriage is 8 years 3 4 8 9. 10 O Avoiding Divorce Respect your partnér Communication is important Do not be overly concerned with how much your other half earns Forgive quickly Do not think of divorce Give each other space when they need it Never stop the courting Avoid controlling your partner The Likelihood of Divorce --► 14% Growing up with happily married parents • 40% Couples that lived together for a long time before getting married 13% Those who went to college Couples who lose a child, particularly a baby 40% Other High Divorce Risk Factors Man with a high People who marry young • 43% testosterone level Those who don't have a religious affiliation Couples with children who have ADHD Those experiencing poverty 47% M Having multiple children at once The Causes of Divorce Infidelity Money Weight Gain Incompatibility Unhappiness Age Addiction Abuse Children and Divorce Children of divorced parents are more likely to commit crimes ( 茶 Children of divorced Children of divorced parents are more likely to suffer academically and also may experience behavioral problems and their actions could sometimes hinder them parents are more likely to get sick and recover slowly. They are also prone to psychological distress and the experience of the divorce may stay with them for life from graduating high school Children of divorced Children are affected by the decrease in the parental support of their finances and they are more likely to live in poverty. parents are more prone to drugs and alcohol. They are also most likely to engage in sexual intercourse DAILY NEWWS The Optimistic Truth of Divorce The Times says that HISTORICAL ANOMALY!!! 70% of the couples who married in the 9os have reached their 15th anniversary and those who married According to the Times, the rise of the divorce Реople marrying at an older age, making them more mature to handle the married life in the are also now rate in 70s and 8os may only be a 'historical anomaly. 2000s already have a lower divorce rate RESOURCES: Rates CLARK the html LAW OFFICE http://www.lifehackorg/articles/communication/how-avoid-divorce-according-science.html

Divorce In The United States of America

shared by shanemarks3 on Oct 01
We created this infographic to display some lesser know facts divorce in a creative way. Not many people realize just how prevalent divorces are in our current society. A divorce is one of the few maj...


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