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Distracted Driving and Teens

Distracted DRIVING& TEENS O WATCHING VIDEOS EATING & DRINKING USING A GPS CHANGING THE MUSIC There have been many cases of distracted driving in the US and teens have been involved in majority of these cases. Let us take a look at TEXTING what the facts suggest. DISTRACTIONS More than 9 people get killed Distracted and over DRIVING 1,153 get injured every day because of a distracted driver. There are three main types of distraction: Visual Taking the eyes off the road Manual Cognitive Taking the hands off the wheel The mind off of driving DISTRACTIONS Reasons of DISTRACTED DRIVING USING CELL USING IN-VEHICLE TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS PHONE FOR CALLING TECHNOLOGIES (SUCH AS NAVIGATION SYSTEMS) THE MOST DANGEROUS BECAUSE IT COMBINES ALL AND TEXTING, AND EATING THREE TYPES OF DISTRACTION. COODeCono COODERE FromWestmin To British Mus Holbon New Oxforg British Museum, Downing ADI Pall Tra HOW BIG IS THE PROBLEM? 3,328 people were killed in 2012 in crashes involving a 171 billion text messages were sent or received in the US distracted driver in December 2012 CDC reports 69% of drivers aged 18-64 talk on cell phone while driving 31% of drivers aged 18-64 are distracted because of reading or sending text messages or emails AMONG TEENAGERS Six teenagers Crash rate is highest among aged 16-19 die 16-year-olds daily because of motor vehicle injuries 20% of 16-year-old 56% of teens drivers meet with an accident within talk on the phone while driving their first year of driving What Distracts TEENAGERS Eating & drinking Talking to co-passengers Grooming Reading maps Using a navigation system Watching a video DISTRACTIONS Adjusting radio or MP3 player Looking sideways than in front HOW TO KEEP YOUR TEEN SAFE? Supervise the teen with a new license more deliberately Ride with the teenager whenever you can O Do not allow use of cell phone while driving. Do not entertain drinking & driving Promote use of seat belts Source: Created by:

Distracted Driving and Teens

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There have been many cases of distracted driving in the US and teens have been involved in majority of these cases. Take a look at what the facts suggest in this #infographic.


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