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Digital v.s. Offset Printing

DIGITAL V.S. OFFSET PRINTING We're often asked questions on the differences between digital and offset printing. We've answered these questions a few times in the past, but we admit it can be confusing, especially since there are so many bad attempts to explain the differences. We've seen explanations that were too technical and wordy for someone who just wants to get their business cards done. Worse, we've seen articles that were totally off-base and just plain wrong. We've come up with an infographic that hopefully explains things a little bit better. Enjoy! QUANTITY Digital printing is ideal for low volume printing. Offset printing is ideal for large volume printing. SIZE Digital printing can Offset printing can print on larger sheets of paper compared to digital. accommodate smaller print sizes compared to offset. VARIABLE PRINTING АВС DEF GHI АВС АВС АВС Digital printing is best for customized copy of each individual piece such as names and addresses. Offset printing is limited to what is on the press, plate or film. JKL MNO QRS АВС АВС АВС PRICING There is no clear winner here, pricing usually depends on the volume of printing. Digital printing is cheaper for smaller runs because of less setup required but can be expensive for high volume runs because of fixed cost per print. Offset printing can be more expensive because of setup needed and manpower involved in printing but prices usually go down as the volume of printing goes up. QUALITY Modern digital presses is capable of high quality prints like offset, but some printers still encounter problems in color sistency. Consistent high image quality. Offset printing produces sharp and clean images and type more easily than, for example, letterpress printing; this is because the rubber blanket conforms to the texture of the printing surface. PANTONE Offset can print any Digital printing is limited in color matching options but some digital printers can be calibrated to Pantone or PMS colors. match pantone colors. 7684 C 7579 C FINISHING Digital printing is limited in finishing options. Offset printers have multiple press heads that allows for an inifinite array of finishing. MATERIALS Most digital printers are limited to paper and materials that can run Offset printers can print on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, metal, cloth, plastic, etc. through digital printers. TURNAROUND Offset printing takes longer to print because of the necessary setup process and most inks used for offset Digital printing have faster turnaround JUNE JUNE time because of easier setup process. requires drying time. POPULAR PRODUCTS Hello Sunshine! Brawn Co. Inc. BISCUIT ADMIT ONE Summer Camp 90 Summer Camp 90 HELLO! CONGRATULATIONS! Digital is often used in printing labels, envelopes, certficates, letterheards, tickets. Offset printing is often used in brochures, posters, postcards, business cards, folders, flyers. INK Digital printing uses fuser fluids with heat process (toner) or UV curing process (ink). Offset printing uses inks that are highly viscous or thick. PROOFING Proofs for offset printing can slightly differ from the actual Digital printing provides a more accurate proof since you can see the actual sample of the printed piece, printed using the exact process as the intended run. prints due to factors that can affect the printing process. Like chemical reactions on aluminum printing plates and proper maintenance of printing machines. ECO-FRIENDLY Digital printing is more environmentally friendly because it requires no chemicals such as fountain solutions and alcohol Offset printing requires wasteful test prints, uses too many chemicals such as fountain solutions and alcohol substitutes, uses substitutes unlike offset printing. films or film processing that needs to be disposed after printing. Brought to you by: Reference: UPrinting co TM .com Spread Your Message! %24

Digital v.s. Offset Printing

shared by pjmilagan on Aug 01
An infographic feature the many differences of a digital press against an offset press. Who do you think would win?


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