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Digital versus Film Photography:

Film Versus Digital Cameras A Comparison Film You can't go wrong with the classics. 1. Easy and quick Film cameras are generally quicker to use for the trained photographer, for example you're unlikely to be spending ages waifing for them tổ start up. You're álso not waiting ağes for the camera to process the image. 2. Longer battery life The battery in a traditional film camera is usually guaranteed to last longer, meaning you don't have to worry too much about taking it with you on long shoots. 3. No software required In an increasingly digital age, a film camera can allow you to practice your photography without the need for computer editing software. 4. Lighting A digital camera's LCD display is more sensitive to bright light, and can make preparing the right picture more difficult. By contrast, the viewing lens for a film čamera makes it easier to take pictures in the majority of lighting states. 5. Film negatives Film negatives can last longer than digital memory cards. Furthemore, film negatives, if stored in the right environment, will most likely outlast digital memory cards, will can become obsolete as updates aře created. Digital But then you have to look to the future. 1. Instant review You have the freedom of going back over the photos you have taken and reviewing as you go, allowing you to discard them as you go along. 2. Ease of storage A digital memory card allows for much easier storage of photographs than having to keep boxes of negatives. 3. Printing has never been easier Digital photo printers are becoming more and more affordable, allowing you to print photos in your home. Alternatively, digital photography méans you can send your photos to a printing company and get high quality images back within' a few days. 4. A more compact camera The average digital camera is much easier to carry around, meaning that you are able to find more opportunities to take photos that interest you. 5. A camera for a neww age The presence of a digital camera makes it easier to share and upload photos to share with friends and family on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest robbennett SOURCES : photographer

Digital versus Film Photography:

shared by SallyBraith on Aug 26
A brief but comprehensive breakdown of the differences and advantages of film and digital photography. Created by Rob Bennett, Oxford-based architectural photographer. For more blog posts please v...


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