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Different Types of Saws for Cutting Wood

DIFFERENT TYPES OF SAWS There are many types of saws on the market. Lets take a look at them and what they are used for. HAND SAW OR MANUAL SAW These include hand saw, hack saw, tenon &Dovetail saw, Pruning saw, Japanese saw, Hand mitre saw, bow saw;, Crosscut saw, Coping saw and Masonry saw 2 POWER SAWS There are many types of power saws that are designed to cut a variety of materials. These include Circular saw, Jig saw, Reciprocating saw, Band saw, Table Top saw, and Stone saw. a CIRCULAR SA W This is the most useful saw used for cutting lumber, bevel or through masonry or ceramic tiles where detailed finishing is not required. Available in corded and cordless models, these start around $45-$600. b JIG SAW These are needed for detailed cutting of wood items. They are lighter than circular saws and come with a thin reciprocating blade. They can cut finely through stencils and make curves in wood. Look for a laser line feature if you need careful detailing. RECIPROCATING SAW Since they don't perform accurate cutting, these can be used for demolition purposes. But they can also be used to cut through wood, drywall, metals, or laminate. They are available in corded and cordless styles from $50-$350. BAND SAW Band saws consist of a blade that moves back and forth on a set of pulleys. Chain saw is also a type of band saw, which is motor driven and used to fell trees. These are not really portable. e TABLE TOP SAW There are two types of table top saws - miter saws and table top saws. Miter saws have 8" to 12" saw blade; so the larger blade can cut wider board. Look for features like laser line, a dust collector and blade guard. Table Top Saw is perfect for miter and bevel cuts which are very accurate. These are usually large and portable ones come with collapsible platforms. f STONE SAW These are used for cutting stone or ceramic tiles. They consist of a water basin below the material. While they are very slow in cutting, they can cut through very hard surfaces.

Different Types of Saws for Cutting Wood

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There are so many types of saws that are available on the market, and it’s important to use the right saw for the job and ensuring that the job is done in the most efficient and safe manner. Saws r...




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