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Design Your Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

DIAMONDS 101 A GUIDE TO BEGINNERS The use of diamonds in engagement rings is definitely very popular in fact, diamond engagement rings have become a huge tradition in marriage proposals. Despite the popularity of diamonds very few people actually know much about them. Although leading diamond dealers such as Galeries Du Diamant in Paris tend to make it easy for you to choose the diamond you want for your engagement ring, it is still advisable to have a rudimentary understanding of diamonds. What Is A Diamond? •A diamond is defined as a crystalline carbon. Although typically diamonds are known to be colorless, there are so many different colored diamonds that exist in the market today. •From diamond necklaces, Engagement rings and any other form of jewellery, it is obvious that the beauty and class of the precious stones have added so much gloss in what would be otherwise plain jewellery. •At least 26, 000 Kilograms of diamonds are mined each year all totalling a value of nearly $9 Billion. •Nearly 100, 000 kilograms of synthetic diamonds are made each year. Diamond Quality and The 4Cs 皮 A lot of lab tests are done to ascertain the authenticity of a diamond and establish its unique properties that make it different from other Diamonds. One of the leading certification labs in Europe is HRD Antwerp. The organization partners with jewellery sellers such as Galeries Du Diamant in order to authentically analyze features of each diamond and provide that information to the customer before they make any purchase. They are known as the 4Cs and include diamond color, clarity, cut, and Carat. If you understand how these Cs work, you will easily be able to distinguish between quality diamonds and low quality ones in the market. Diamond Jewellery **** A majority of the top jewellery designs tend to feature a touch of diamond and why not, the value of the precious stone and its beauty are simply unmatched. •Some of the common diamond jewellery includes diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, and even bracelets. The price of diamond jewellery varies and while there are of course expensive designs, you can still buy diamond Paris at simple rates. Synthetic Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds The technology that is used in creating synthetic diamonds is quite advance and it can be very hard to see the difference between natural diamonds and manmade ones. Synthetic diamonds tend to be cheaper and you will see many people buying them as substitutes to real diamonds as a measure ofs The only difference between a synthetic diamond and a real diamond is the process of formation. While for synthetic diamonds they are made in the lab, real diamonds occur naturally through natural processes. How Do You Identify A Synthetic Diamond And A Real Diamond? •Experienced jewellers can easily find some clues to decide whether the diamond is manmade or natural, for an ordinary person this can be quite difficult. The best solution however is to make sure you are buying f trusted source. for a *Besides, don't also forget the HRD certification reports that are crucial in determining the individual characteristic of each diamond. Certified diamonds are often authentic and natural and you can rest assured you are buying quality. Authenticity Certification He authenticity certification is often a report of the diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat. It provides the information you need to know the value and quality of diamonds. The following are some of the reasons why HRD Antwerp has been a trusted certification provider in Europe and the world at large: Quality grading reports Security and strict anonymity Experience Reputation Why You Should Buy Certified Diamonds Here are some of the benefits of buying certified diamonds You know what you are buying Quality Easy and quick Types of Diamonds 75% of all diamonds sold in the market today are round diamonds. There are also the Princess cut diamonds Oval Diamonds, Emeralds Marquise Diamonds Cushion Cut diamonds Radiant Cut Diamonds Asscher Cut diamonds Heart Shaped Diamonds. Diamond Costs It's the 4Cs all over again and I will break down here below just to show how these Cs determine diamond price. The Cut The Cut is simply a measure of how well a grader has fine tuned or polished the diamond. The cut determines the diamond brilliance and sparkle. Color With the color it is easier to make compromises compared to the cut. Ideally a good diamond is supposed to be colorless but that rarely happens. The Clarity The clarity of a diamond is simply a measure of. It's actually very normal for diamonds to have minor The Carats The Carat is the unit imperfections and it's very hard to find a perfeet diamond. The perfect diamond of course would cost a lot of money and it's very rare to be fair. measurement of the diamonds weight. A lot of people often mistake this to size. It is important to note that just because a diamond has a higher carat weight does not mean it's necessarily bigger. For example, if you decide to buy a 1 Carat diamond instead of a 09 diamond you will significantly spend more assuming that you have gone for the finest cut, the best clarity, and the best color. In that case, always go for a relatively lower carat weight if indeed you want to save some money in purchasing quality diamonds.

Design Your Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

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Galeries du Diamant is the intelligent new way to buy a diamond in Paris. For three generations we have been a family business with one goal : to work with the world’s best diamonds.


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