Computer brainstorming beats groups and individuals

experiment: computer brainstorming beats groups and individuals most experiments suggest individuals outperform groups fear of judgement leads to shyness groups are distracting groups may fixate on one idea groups force people to work at the same pace yet other experiments suggest inspiration from others is important is there a way to get the best of both worlds? individuals brainstorm groups brainstorm while sharing ideas via computer interface on their own no further instructions asked to memorize ideas shared by others good performance best performance but it's important to point out the improvements only came during a later individual session TrendingSideways com Source Karen L Dugosh, Paul B Paulus, Evelyn J Roland, Huei Chuan Yang, Cognitive Stimulation in Brainstorming. Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes

Computer brainstorming beats groups and individuals

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Brainstorming sessions conducted via computer are generally superior to brainstorming sessions conducted alone (which are usually best) and those conducted in face to face groups.


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