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Common Accidents Truckers Face

HARRIS PENN LOWRY NENWORTH. T 12 A Limited Liability Partnership E95804 COMMON CAUSES OF... TRUCKER ACCIDENTS FATIGUED DRIVING Truckers are typically on the road for several hours at a time, and this typically leads to sleep deprivation. Sleep-deprived driving can be just as dangerous as operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. When a driver is fatigued, the ability to make sound choices and operate a vehicle in a safe manner is compromised. This inhibition increases the chances that an accident will occur. BLIND SPOTS Blind spots on large trucks span a much wider area than that of an ordinary car. This makes it very difficult for truckers to see drivers who are tailgating a truck or driving alongside a truck. It is best practice to give adequate space when riding behind or beside a truck to make sure that you are in their line of sight. Trucks are large vehicles, and even light impact with a car can cause serious damage. PREVENTING FATIGUE Take breaks. Federal law requires that truck drivers take breaks when on the road and also put a limit on the amount of hours a driver may be behind the wheel in a given week. Despite the federal mandates requiring breaks, drivers should take breaks to break the monotony of being behind the wheel for extended periods of time and to "reboot." Doing so can keep you refreshed and help avoid fatigue. Pull over. If you ever feel that you are nodding off at the wheel or that you may be too tired to pay appropriate attention to the road, pull over. Continuing to drive is an unnecessary danger and puts everyone on the road at risk. Shell IF IN AN ACCIDENT If you were involved in a recent trucking accidents, first you should receive any medical treatment made necessary by the accident. After treatment you should act quickly to not miss any applicable statutes of limitation. When dealing with trucking company insurance avoid communicating or signing anything without legal representation or counsel present. Atlanta: 404.850.8967 Savannah: 912.297.9557 f| 8*

Common Accidents Truckers Face

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Some dangers on the road are vehicle specific. For example, many of the dangers that arise when a driver is behind the wheel of a semi truck or an 18-wheeler may not necessarily be the same dangers fa...



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