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Cocaine Traffic and Drug Regulations in Florida

COCAINE LAWS IN FLORIDA Drug use in Florida is the same as it is in the rest of the country on average, but cocaine accounts for more than 60% of drug-related arrests in Florida. Crack and powder cocaine both come from the coca plant, but crack undergoes further processing. You may be punished more harshly for a crack-related offense than a powder cocaine-related offense. There are three main types of drug offenses, listed in order from least to most severe: TRAF FICKING SALE 28-200 grams min. of 3 years $50,000 POSSE SSION 200-400 grams min. 7 years $100,000 <10grams max. 5 years $5,000 <10 grams max. 15 years $5,000 400 g - 150 kg min. of 15 years $250,000 fine >10grams max. 30 years $10,000 >10 grams max. 30 years $10,000 >150 kilograms life sentence no parole 1% cocaine + 99% baby powder The severity of a cocaine offense depends on how much cocaine you're caught with. It's measured by weight, so five pounds of pure cocaine is punished the same way as five pounds of a mixture containing 99% baby powder and 1% cocaine. 100% cocaine Your sentence will be more severe if: you're caught near a school or truck stop, you sold to someone under the age of 21, someone dies or is seriously injured in connection with your drug-related activity. It's illegal to rent out property FOR RENT if you know someone will be using or selling drugs on the premises. no drugs! Florida has a stop-and-frisk law which allows a police officer to stop you on suspicion of criminal activity and search you for weapons. Anything they find on your person can be used against you in court.

Cocaine Traffic and Drug Regulations in Florida

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Florida is one of the biggest ports of entry into the United States for cocaine. Even though drug use in Florida is the same as the country's average's, cocaine accounts for more than 60 percent of dr...


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